Christmas Gifts for College Girls: 38 Presents She Will Love (2021)

College students can sometimes be tough to shop for. Whether you are getting your daughter a Christmas present or birthday gift, this list is filled with tons of great options that answer college student needs. Here are useful and thoughtful gift ideas that any college girl will love.

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 Best gifts for college girls 

1. Bandolier Cell Phone Case

bandolier cross body

This is one of THE most popular phone cases for girls and would be a gift your daughter would absolutely love for Christmas.

2. Longchamp’s Le Pliage Club Backpack

Backpacks are very on trend and there are a few we love, including this one. Or any other bag by Longchamp, for that matter.

3. Smiley/Happy Face Slippers

These have been super popular this year because what’s better than your feet being comfy and warm and happy.

4. Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask water bottles are the best water bottles for staying hydrated. They are made of stainless steel and keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours — ideal for late-night study sessions or long days on her college campus.

5. Lululemon

Lululemon lemon

If you’re looking for a buttery-soft, crazy comfortable legging-look no further. Honestly-Lulu leggings are softest things I’ve ever felt. There is a reason these are wildly popular; they look good and they feel heavenly. This could be the #1 gift on many young women’s Christmas list this year.

6. AirPod Pros

AirPods Pro

AirPods can also help with noise and are amazing for listening to music, a podcast, or conversation. If your daughter doesn’t have a set they make a great gift. 

7. Baggu reusable bags

These adorable bags come in dozens of different styles and the hard part will be choosing the one(s) to get your daughter. They hold up to 50 pounds and are machine-washable.

8. Zodiac rings

gold rings

If she is into astrology, these are great rings for her! They are made with sterling silver, gold, or rose gold; whichever you prefer. The rings subtly feature the zodiac sign in the center. 

9. MZ Wallace Metro Convertible Backpack

MZ Wallace bags are so well-made and durable. This will end up being your favorite bag-guaranteed.

10. Snap Tote Bag

We love a pretty sight and the Snap Tote from Minted makes our eyes happy. With fresh fabric prints (choose from more than two dozen), leather straps, and a copper snap, these bags are practical, adorable, and very giftable. The bags come with FREE personalization. Our advice? Pick your favorite and order early! 

11. Skincare face masks

face masks

These are the best face masks and are only one dollar each if you buy a 12 pack. They are made with antioxidants and natural, cruelty-free ingredients. This is a thoughtful gift to encourage your daughter to take time for self-care. 

12. Birdie safety alarm

birdie alarm

This compact alarm can affix to a keychain. When activated it emits a loud noise and flashing strobe, to create a diversion. The siren can be activated several times and batteries are replaceable. Available in five pretty colors.

13. Crossbody Bag

A crossbody is the best for leaving the house with a smaller bag but not a huge backpack. This leather bag is cute and simple and comes in several colors to choose from.  

14. Bombas Women’s Ankle Sock 8-Pair Gift Box

These are all the rage for some great reasons-they are well made-comfortable and stylish. And the gift box is perfect.

15. Real flower keychain letters 

These keychain letters are the ultimate addition to a keychain. The real flowers look so pretty, and it is also a very thoughtful gift because you could get the first letter of her first name. 

16. Pure Silk Sleep Mask

A wonderful addition to help you relax and sleep soundly.

17. Bearaby Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is on everyone’s list this year. It’s made from organic cotton, it feels absolutely delicious and it can help you get a deep, restful sleep. 

18. Blissey pillowcases

Who hasn’t heard that silk pillowcases are the way to go? Blissey  pillowcases are handmade from high quality silk, Blissey says their pillowcase “does wonders for your hair, skin and overall health while you sleep.” Available in 10 beautiful colors.

19. Stoney Clover Classic Large Pouch

This brand is just adorable. This much is their most popular item but they have lots of customizable things. More colors than you can imagine.

20. The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now

Dr. Meg Jay has recently updated her bestselling book that conveys why our daughters need to focus on making this decade productive and how to go about doing that. This is a must-have for college students.

Defining Decade

21. Lighted vanity makeup mirror

lighted mirror

University bathrooms in the dorms or apartments don’t typically have the best lighting for getting ready, which is why a vanity mirror is a gift they will use on a regular basis if they like doing makeup.

22. Drunk Elephant Skin Set

Drunk elephant

This super-popular cosmetics brand had us at their name, “drunk elephant” and a duo of face wash and moisturizer would be a great set for your daughter.

23. Home lap desk

This lap desk is so much more comfortable and functional than lap desks you might have used in the past. With a built-in mouse pad and phone slot, there is ventilation for a laptop which makes this an ideal gift for anyone on your list.

24. Light Therapy Lamp

light therapy

Winters can be dreary with diminished daylight hours. This light therapy lamp gets the top reviews.

25. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ultra Lite Joggers

Like everything else Barefoot Dreams makes, these are deliciously soft.

26. Scrunchie set

hair scrunchies

This set has 45 scrunchies for only $9.99. Scrunchies are a comfortable and cute way to do hair. 

27. Kyle Cavan Collegiate Jewelry

Kyle Cavan

We’re excited to spread the word about a gem of a company offering beautiful, sentimental college jewelry. Introducing Kyle Cavan, a female-owned business that thoughtfully offers several lines of elegant and affordable necklaces and bracelets (and cufflinks for guys) to celebrate the friends and accomplishments that make the college years so special.

20% off with code MILESTONES; valid through 12/31 @ 11:59 PM ET.

28. Slippers

rainbow slipper

Slippers are essential for walking around inside a dorm room or apartment. These slippers come in rainbow pastel colors. 

29. Large hair clips

hair clip

These types of large hair clips are the new trend that a lot of teens and college girls are using. 

30. Alo workout gear

College girls can always use more workout clothing and Alo is a super-popular brand right now. Their yoga pants are incredibly comfortable and there are so many other cute things on their site.

31. Papier Gratitude Journals

A great way to get your teen to jot down what they are grateful for every day. And that’s a habit we could all get used to.

32. Body Butter

Body butter is the new way to moisturize skin. A lot of college girls use body butter as a daily part of their routine because it is thicker than lotion and provides long-lasting moisture. 

33. Ring light

If she likes making TikToks or enjoys making videos for social media, a Ring light is a perfect gift. It comes with different settings to choose the type of lighting. 

34. Mom jeans

ripped jeans

Mom jeans are the main type of jeans college girls are wearing. They are a looser fit and much more comfortable than other styles of jeans. 

35. Hair mask

hair mask in black jar

A hair mask is great for repairing dry or damaged hair and deep conditioning. This keratin hair mask includes Omega 3 and Vitamin E. 

36. Echo (4th Gen)

Having one of these Amazon devices can be very useful in a college dorm or apartment. She can ask for a weather forecast, keep track of an Amazon shopping list, listen to a book, set timer alarms, listen to music, and much more.  

37. Caraway cookware

This line is everything we would have appreciated with a first set of cookware. Loved the blue, but there are plenty of other gorgeous colors. Expensive enough to be well made, inexpensive enough to be a great starter set. And even more amazing options for that young adult who loves to bake. 

Include your favorite cookbook to make this one of the best Christmas gifts for someone who is in their first apartment.  

38. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

The Tribit XSound Go provides up to 24 hours of continuous play with impressive audio. This compact, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a top pick at a very affordable price.

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