Gifts for College Girls: 30 Presents They Will Use All the Time

College students can sometimes be tough to shop for. Whether you are getting her a birthday gift or a little something for the start of the school year, this list is filled with tons of great options that answer college student needs. Here are useful and thoughtful gift ideas that any college girl will love.

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 Best Gifts for College Girls 

1. Cute college apparel

Instead of getting college apparel from the campus bookstore, try something more trendy from Hype and Vice. This website has tons of unique college clothes which are perfect for game days. There are so many styles to choose from. Also, not a lot of students will have the exact same college apparel from here because most students get their university apparel from shops on or around the college campus. 

2. Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask water bottles are the best water bottles for staying hydrated. They are made of stainless steel and keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours — ideal for late-night study sessions or long days on campus.

3. Wireless Headphones

Bose headphones

Being in a dorm is noisy and when you need to read and study for a test, having noise-canceling headphones is a big help. The Bose 700 bluetooth headphones get the best reviews.

4. AirPods

airpods in case

AirPods can also help with noise and are amazing for listening to music, a podcast, or conversation. If your daughter doesn’t have a set they make a great gift. 

5. Laptop case

computer cover

Laptop cases are super cute and a great way to differentiate a laptop. There are tons of styles to choose from, but a few favorites include the rose gold sparklingrainbow mist 2four season tree, and flamingo

6. Zodiac rings

gold rings

If she is into astrology, these are great rings for her! They are made with sterling silver, gold, or rose gold; whichever you prefer. The rings subtly feature the zodiac sign in the center. 

7. Large hair clips

hair clips

These types of large hair clips are the new trend that a lot of teens and college girls are using. 

8. Skincare face masks

face masks

These are the best face masks and are only one dollar each if you buy a 12 pack. They are made with antioxidants and natural, cruelty-free ingredients. This is a thoughtful gift to encourage your daughter to take time for self-care. 

9. Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker

A fitness tracker is a wonderful gift and a reminder to your daughter to take care of herself by remembering to exercise. Fitbit makes a popular one and the Apple watches are amazing with dynamic functionality beyond measuring heart rate and tracking steps. 

10. Crossbody Bag

A crossbody is the best for leaving the house with a smaller bag but not a huge backpack. This leather bag is cute and simple and comes in several colors to choose from.  

11. Real flower keychain letters 

These keychain letters are the ultimate addition to a keychain. The real flowers look so pretty, and it is also a very thoughtful gift because you could get the first letter of her first name. 

12. Small Microwave

If her dorm allows it, a compact microwave or coffee maker would be a great gift so she could fix a hot snack or make her favorite hot beverages without having to leave her room. If she is in an apartment, these are must-haves since she will be cooking more of her meals. 

13. Good Chemistry perfume

box perfume set

Good Chemistry perfume smells great and is vegan and cruelty-free. There are tons of different scents to choose from on the website. Some of the best items include the Queen Bee Body Spray and the Wild Child Body Spray

14. Nike Air Force 1

white shoes

These are classic shoes for college girls — you can’t go wrong getting a pair of Nike Air Force 1. Customize it if your girl wants something more unique and colorful. 

15. Lighted vanity makeup mirror

lighted mirror

University bathrooms in the dorms or apartments don’t typically have the best lighting for getting ready, which is why a vanity mirror is a gift they will use on a regular basis if they like doing makeup.

16. Tablet

ipad pro

Lugging heavy books and a laptop in a backpack is not comfortable or practical. If your daughter can take notes on an iPad and/or can access her e-books that way, she will minimize the heavy load she would otherwise have to carry all over campus. 

17. Hair barrettes


These hair barrettes are so stylish! There are so many cool hairstyles that can be done with a pair (or two, or three).

18. Succulents


If she likes plants, succulents are ideal because they only need water once a week. These would look adorable in a bedroom or apartment living room.

19. Scrunchie set

hair scrunchies

This set has 45 scrunchies for only $8.99. Scrunchies are a comfortable and cute way to do hair. 

20. Kyle Cavan Collegiate Jewelry

We’re excited to spread the word about a gem of a company offering beautiful, sentimental college jewelry. Introducing Kyle Cavan, a female-owned business that thoughtfully offers several lines of elegant and affordable necklaces and bracelets (and cufflinks for guys) to celebrate the friends and accomplishments that make the college years so special.

21. Slippers

rainbow slipper

Slippers are essential for walking around inside a dorm room or apartment. These slippers come in rainbow pastel colors. 

22. Wall Art

Dorm or college apartment walls are dreary but with a bit of art that is as unique as your daughter, she will have something cheerful to look at every day. Society6 has an amazing selection, which is no wonder since they are a global community of 300,000+ independent artists from 160+ countries. Need a little inspiration? Watch this!

23. Stud earrings set


College girls can always use more earrings! This stud set comes in many different colors, is made of stainless steel, and is anti-rust. They are also safe for sensitive skin. 

24. Body butter

Body butter is the new way to moisturize skin. A lot of college girls use body butter as a daily part of their routine because it is thicker than lotion and provides long-lasting moisture. 

25. Ring light

If she likes making TikToks or enjoys making videos for social media, a Ring light is a perfect gift. It comes with different settings to choose the type of lighting. 

26. Mom jeans

ripped jeans

Mom jeans are the main type of jeans college girls are wearing. They are a looser fit and much more comfortable than other styles of jeans. 

27. Hair mask

hair mask in black jar

A hair mask is great for repairing dry or damaged hair and deep conditioning. This keratin hair mask includes Omega 3 and Vitamin E. 

28. Alexa

Having one of these Amazon devices can be very useful in a college dorm or apartment. She can ask for a weather forecast, keep track of an Amazon shopping list, listen to a book, set timer alarms, listen to music, and much more.  

29. Gift of Coffee

pink mug in gift box

Most college students love to drink coffee and a cute mug with a gift card to Starbucks for her favorite caffeine drink is a gift that will keep on giving.   

30. Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

wireless speaker

Having a way to play music with great sound from this cute Bluetooth speaker would make anyone happy.

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