Grown and Flown: How to Support Your Teen, Stay Close as a Family, and Raise Independent Adults

From the founders of the #1 site for parents of teens and young adults comes an essential guide for building strong relationships with your teens and preparing them to successfully launch into adulthood.

There is no resource I recommend more often than Grown & Flown. This book is an invaluable guide for parents who want to raise independent, competent, and resilient kids who know they are loved.

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Parenting Never Ends

Grown and Flown is a one-stop resource for parenting teenagers, leading up to—and through—high school and those first years of independence. It covers everything from the monumental (how to let your kids go) to the mundane (how to shop for a dorm room). Organized by topic—such as family life, high school academics, happiness and mental health, college admissions and college life—it features a combination of stories, advice from professionals, and practical sidebars.

Heffernan and Harrington deliver the book we’ve all been waiting for: a wise, researched, and essential handbook on raising late adolescents and young adults. At once practical and profound, Grown & Flown brims with sensible advice and describes how we can support older children while fostering their independence. I am recommending this book to every parent I know and keeping a copy close at hand to answer parenting questions of my own.

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About the Authors

Lisa Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington, co-founders of Grown and Flown, are writers, moms, wives, and friends. In past incarnations they have worked in television and media, on Wall Street, and in politics. Although they live in New York, Mary Dell is from Texas and Lisa is from California. They have college kids and young adults. You can find their writing in the New York Times  the Washington Post  the and

Grown and Flown is chock full of grounded, expert advice on how to support your teen in their transition to young adulthood. There’s something for every parent in this smart, accessible guide.

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There is no better company in this gnarly, possibly fantastic transition than Grown and Flown. The perspective in these pages has been invaluable to me.

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