Thirty Great Gifts for Grandmothers for Mother’s Day: 2021

As hard as it is to find the gifts for our teens, it’s even more challenging to find gifts for grandparents. Many have begun the process of downsizing and really don’t need or want more stuff, but with Mother’s Day around the corner, of course, we want to get our moms something special. Here are some ideas for gifts she can use.

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Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers

1. Discover Her Roots

Genealogy kits are among the most popular gifts for all age groups.  Why not give your moms to learn more about her heritage. 

Ancestry DNA Genetic Testing Kit
Ancestry DNA

2. Air Purifier

The Conway Air Purifier gets RAVE reviews after years of testing multiple models. It captures and reduces up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in the air, including pollen, pollutants and other allergens. It also reduces odors.

Conway air purifier

3. Sunrise Alarm Clock

As we age, it can be even harder to get a good night’s sleep.  This very well-priced alarm clock allows the user to wake up with gradually more and more light, resulting in a gentle and natural start to the day. This one also functions as a clock radio with FM stations and has multiple lighting options.

sunrise alarm clock


4. Opal Nugget Ice Maker- GE Profile

The size and shape of ice makes a big difference in how your drink will taste. This counter-top size machine requires no plumbing to install – simply fill with water and within 20 minutes, enjoy crunchy ice. 

opal nugget ice machine

5. Stitch Fix

stitch fix box

Stitch Fix offers clients curated clothing that comes monthly in a box. They have boxes for petites and plus sizes and your mom can fill out a profile and will receive five pieces of clothing and accessories tailored to her each month. She pays for only what she wants to keep. Anything can be returned FREE with a shipping label that comes along each month.

6. Blue Apron

After decades of cooking, a subscription to a meal kit might be just the thing a grandmother would enjoy to add some variety to meal preparation boredom. Blue Apron gets good reviews and they have options for boxes for 2, vegetarian, and now include wine. Here’s where you can learn more about the gift card option. 

Blue apron

7. “I’m So Sorry” Hydroflask Bundle

We love Hydroflask water bottles and think your mom would love a cute “I’m So Sorry” bundle for all you did as a kid – and TEEN – to drive her nuts.  This pairing of two insulated tumblers, one for coffee and one for wine, is a perfect gift and comes in so many pretty colors. Free Shipping with MOMKNOWSBEST at checkout.

8. Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Ask Alexa to turn on the lights, make a shopping list, tell you the upcoming weather or even entertain you with a joke. Alexa will recite books, plays, music and is a fantastic digital assistant/companion. The 4th generation has a visible clock and timer.

Alexa 4th gen

9. Kipling Bag 

For anyone who travels, Kipling Bags  are a favorite brand. They are durable, lightweight, come in lots of different styles, colors and price points. While our traveling days were more limited this last year, we hope that 2021 will bring opportunities for safe journeys. These are also a practical option for everyday use – there are loads of different styles and colors.

Kipling bag

10. Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger puzzles are among the best ones made. There are seemingly endless designs and themes but take a look at the number of pieces before you decide on a puzzle for your parents – 300, 500, 1000 pieces are some of the options available.

puzzle with Grandmother and granddaughter

11. Bluetooth Headphones

Using wireless headphones to listen to a game or music is something our kids do. Why not see how your mom likes this technology? The Jabra Elite 85h gets the top reviews for audio quality and the ability to adapt to the user’s sound needs. 

12. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

Let this robot vacuum do the work to clean carpeted or bare floors. This could be an entertaining, and practical, gift for any mom. BTW, this model gets top reviews. 


13. Digital Frame

The coolest thing is that the Aura Digital Photo Frame has a unique email address and when you email it pics, they automatically upload to the frame. (Requires WIFI.)

Aura frame

Another great digital frame is the Nixplay Frame  which allow you to grab photos from popular photo and social media services like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

14. Fitbit Charge 3

We want our moms to remain active and having a fitness tracker can be great motivation to count daily steps and monitor heart rate. This one gets great reviews. 

exercise class

15. Paint by Sticker

Have you seen the “paint by sticker” craft books? They were originally conceived as art projects for kids but there are amazing books for adults, too, including the ones by publishing powerhouse, Workman Publishing. If your mom is a dog lover, she might enjoy this one.

paint by sticker

16. Bird Feeder

bird feeder

Watching the birds come and go outside a window provides entertainment and a view on the natural world.
17. Emergency Kit

If 2020 has taught it anything it is to be prepared for a natural disaster or shelter in place alerts with enough food, water and safety supplies to support ourselves and our families until it is safe to leave our homes. This box comes with all your parents would need for 72 hours of self-sufficiency with tools, warmth, safety, first-aid, food, and water.

emergency box

18. Heated Blanket with Dual Controls

We want to encourage open windows to allow fresh air into our houses.  Having a heated blanket on the bed with dual controls would be a great gift for moms who live in cold climates. There are many color choices.

heating blankets

19. Allbirds Shoes

We cannot express to you how much we adore these shoes for every member of our family – both men and women, young and older. There are tie ups, slip ons, running shoes and more, all of which are incredibly comfortable. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair for YOU while you are shopping for your mom.


20. Under Bed Lights

These light up when they sense movement so that your mom can see where she is going when she gets out of bed at night. 

under bed lights

21. Smartwool Socks 

To keep her toes warm.


22. Weather Station

For the weather-nut, everything she needs to know about the weather.

weather station

23. Storyworth

Your mom has stories to tell and this will help her tell them. It’s an interactive system that asks her to tell a story each week, all of which goes into a book once enough stories are collected. 


24. Paint Project 

This is one of a series of watercolor project books that are wildly popular. Dana Fox, the creator, provides light outlines of each design. This is an option for any artist-to-be, even if she’s never picked up a paintbrush in life.

paint by numbers

25. Donation in their honor

Donate to the charity of her choice and the charity will send them a note of thanks. It’s a win win.

26. Audible Subscription

Reading can get challenging for some but a subscription to books on tape for devices can help.  Pair this with the Echo Dot and your mom will have an endless supply of good books to listen to.

27. Face Masks

Because we still need them, pick up both face masks for your mom. These, made by Banana Republic, are great for everyone at any age and get some of the top reviews.
Banana Republic face masks

28. Amazon Prime membership

Pay for her yearly Prime membership and allow her to order from Amazon and enjoy two-day FREE shipping all year round. Plus she can enjoy streaming thousands of TV shows and movies along with unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists.

29. Bills Paid

As people age, and are likely on a fixed income, some may become overwhelmed with fear of running out of money and may skimp on things they would enjoy. Pay a bill for your mom or buy her Netflix for the year or a subscription to a newspaper or magazine she enjoys reading.

Other gift ideas include paying for a cleaning service or home repair or gift cards for gas or her favorite grocery store, lawn service, car detailing, hairdresser, or a massage.

30. Companionship

Stuff is great but, the most popular suggestion among our Grown and Flown Parents Facebook Group,by far, was to give her the gift of your time and your presence. However she prefers to spend Mother’s Day , spend the day with her.

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