Here are Our Favorite Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

As hard as it is to find the holiday gifts for our kids, it’s even more challenging to find Christmas gifts for grandparents. Many have begun the process of downsizing and really don’t need or want more stuff, but it is the gift-giving season so, of course, we want to get them something. Here are some ideas for presents that you might not have thought of.

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Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Discover their roots
Genealogy kits are among the most popular gifts of the holiday season for all age groups.  Why not give grandparents the opportunity to learn more about their heritage. too? Here are two that are popular:
23andMe Ancestry Kit

Christmas gifts for grandparents
AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Kit
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Amazon Prime membership
Pay for their yearly Prime membership and allow them to order from Amazon and enjoy two-day FREE shipping all year round. Plus they can enjoy streaming thousands of TV shows and movies along with unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists.

Opal Nugget Ice Maker
The size and shape of ice makes a difference in how your drink will taste. This machine has achieved cult-like status in popularity.

Christmas gifts for grandparents

Style consultation 
Stitch Fix offers clients curated clothing that comes monthly in a box. They have boxes for men, for women. for petites and plus sizes. You mom or dad can fill out a profile and will receive five pieces of clothing and accessories tailored to them each month. Anything can be returned FREE with a shipping label that comes along each moth.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

There is nothing quite like a YETI Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler to keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Echo Dot
Ask Alexa to turn on the lights, make a shopping list, tell you the upcoming weather or even entertain you with a joke. Through commands to Alexa, it will recite books, play music and is a fantastic digital assistant/companion.

New bag for traveling 
For anyone who travels, Kipling Bags are a favorite brand.  They are durable, lightweight, come in lots of different styles, colors and price points.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Reading can get challenging for some but a subscription to books on tape for devices can help. Pair this with the Echo Dot and your parents will have an endless supply of good books to listen to.

Wireless headphones
Bluetooth Headphones to listen to a game or music is something our kids have gotten use to.  Why not see how their grandparents like the liberation with this technology?
Christmas gifts for grandparents

iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum
Let this robot vacuum do the work to clean, with instructions via WiFi. This could be an entertaining Christmas gift for grandparents and their pets.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Digital frame
The coolest thing is that the Aura Digital Photo Frame has a unique email address and when you email it pics, they automatically upload to the frame. (Requires WIFI.)
Christmas gifts for grandparents

We want the grandparents to remain active and having a fitness tracker can be great motivation to count daily steps and monitor heart rate.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Bird Feeder
Watching the birds come and go outside a window provides entertainment and a view on the natural world.
Christmas gifts for grandparentsFlameless Candles

Grandparents can enjoy these Weatherproof Outdoor & Indoor Color Changing Candles  that are operated by remote control.
Christmas gifts for grandparents

Meal kit
After decades of cooking, a subscription to a meal kit might be just the thing grandparents would enjoy to add some variety to meal preparation boredom. Here’s one that we hear great things about.

Donation in their honor

Donate to the charity of their choice and the charity will send them a note of thanks. It’s a win win.

Pictures of their family

They love pictures of their family and anything with a grandchild’s photo will be a hit. Consider making a calendar with family photos and special dates marked.

Scratch off lottery tickets

Just plain fun Christmas gifts for grandparents.


You fill in the blank: fruit of the month, flower of the month, or even cheese of the month.

Bills Paid 

As people age, and are likely on a fixed income, some may become overwhelmed with fear of running out of money and may skimp on things they would enjoy. Pay a bill for your parents or buy them Netflix for the year or a subscription to a newspaper or magazine they enjoy reading.

Other gift ideas include paying for a cleaning service or home repair or gift cards for gas or their favorite grocery store, lawn service, car detailing, hairdresser, or a massage.


Some “stuff” is great but, the most popular suggestion among our Grown and Flown Parents Facebook Group, by far, was to give them the gift of your time and your presence. Buy them tickets to a show, a concert, symphony, a museum, or pay for a dinner out. However they prefer to spend the day, spend it with them.


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