20 Cool Gifts for Teens That They Actually Want

Cool gifts for teens
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No one ever said being a teenager was easy. The often overstimulated world of teens involves a trendy song-and-dance balance of school, part-time jobs, sports, social media, and a healthy social life. Therefore, when holiday shopping for cool gifts for teens, anything you give should reflect their playful-youthful side while serving the opportunity to destress. But you’re going to have to hurry, if you want something they’ve saved from social media.

When shopping for cool gifts for teens, we like to find what’s currently trendy ahead of the game — so you can get them the thing they actually want before it sells out. These are some of the most popular gifts that still express their passions and interests. Bonus points if these popular teen gifts spark their budding creativity or future career aspirations. 

Here are the 20 cool gifts for teens that they will absolutely love. 

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The 20 Best Cool Gifts for Teens

1. For the One Who Loves Comfort: Rosyclo Cloud Slippers

Credit: Amazon

Comfort is king when it comes to what all the cool teens wear on their feet these days. The Rosscylo Cloud Slippers make one of the best teen holiday gifts. These slippers feel like pillows under your toes and come in over 20 colors to please even the most discriminating teen. 

2. For the One Who is a Homebody: Ugg Tasman Slipper

Cool gifts for teens: Ugg Tasman
Credit: Amazon

Last year’s sold-out Ugg was the Ultra Mini, but if you have recently been in a Starbucks line, chances are you’ve spotted a teen wearing the uber-trendy Ugg Tasman Slipper, most likely in the Chestnut color. Naturally, these hip Ugg slipper-clogs make for a cool gift for a teen girl. 

Aside from the slipper’s popularity, the versatility of the shoe being an indoor/outdoor shoe and the fact that it comes in an array of colors (classic black to neon green) earn extra gifting points. These are sure to be the coziest gift under this year’s tree.  

3. For the One Who Needs More  Space: Bedshelfie Bedside Shelf

Bed Shelfie
Credit: Amazon

The Bedshelfie is a practical (but cool) Christmas gift for any teen on your shopping list. Whether your teen lives in a dorm, shares a bedroom at home, or has too much stuff, this shelf that attaches to the bedside allows them to have all their must-have essentials at their fingertips. It’s a win for any college student.

4. For the One Who is a Trendsetter: Mini Belt Bag lululemon 

When shopping for a cool Christmas gift for the teenager on your list, look at what other teens around you are wearing. Chances are you’ve seen teens rocking the luluLemon belt bags. 

These popular belt bags are convenient and are still as popular as ever and make for one cool gift for teens. The lululemon Mini Belt Bag comes in four color/print options, perfect to fit the style of any youthful fashionista. 

5. For the One Who is an Old Soul: Crosley Voyager Vintage Portable Record Turntable

Cool gifts for teens: Crosley record player
Credit: Amazon

If it was cool 30 years ago, it is still cool today. Scrolling through social media, it is no secret that today’s teens have obsessions with vintage goods like records and record players. Today’s record players are Bluetooth-compatible, streaming music from their smartphones. Or you can gift them 1989 (Taylor’s Version) on vinyl to go with it.

6. For the One Who Loves a Music Festival: Beats Solo Bluetooth Wireless On-ear Headphones

Credit: Amazon

Every teen has their musical taste. Some teens are obsessed with the coolest Indie bands, chart-topping pop stars, and old-school rockers. That means you can’t go wrong with on-ear Beats Solo headphones that will bring music to their ears (and peace to your own). 

These on-ear headphones look sleek and sound great, and there is no cord or tiny secondary ear pod to worry about misplacing. They’re great for tuning in for studying or listening to a podcast during a “hot girl walk.”

7. For the One Who is a Budding Photographer: Minolta Megapixel Digital Camera 

Cool gifts for teens: Minolta digital camera
Credit: Best Buy

These days, teens are reverting to the 90s and taking photos on digital cameras rather than their smartphones to memorialize good times from sleepovers and parties. Earlier this year, cheap digital cameras sold out online, but you can still snag this one from Ninolta for under $100.  The camera has 44.0 megapixel, and they can still upload it to their phones so they can post to social media.

8. For the One Who is a Social Butterfly: Fujifilm Mini 12 Instant Film Camera

Credit: Amazon

Stop your social scroll: the Fujifilm Mini 12 Instant Film Camera is a cool gift for teens who love documenting daily life with friends and family. Why? They’ll instantly get cute mini photos that they can use to decorate their rooms or share with loved ones. Aside from the instant gratification that the Fujifilm offers, it comes in many fun pastel colors, which may be the hardest decision you’ll make.

9. For the Beauty Queen: Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System

Cool gifts for teens: Shark
Credit: Amazon

Teenage girls care about their hair; it’s an everyday obsession. While many of them might be asking for the pricey Dyson Airwrap, the Shark Hair Blow Dryer gets the job done at a fraction of the price. Seen all over their TikTok pages, these hair dryer brushes will dry their hair quickly (so they won’t be late for school) and come with different attachments to style their hair.

10. For the One Who is a Wellness Guru: Ninja Blast Portable Blender

Cool gifts for teens: Ninja blast
Credit: Amazon

Colorful smoothies, creamy coffee drinks, and quick protein blended drinks are popular with everyone these days. A powerful portable blender that can fit inside any teen’s backpack for a protein boost anywhere anytime will guarantee they are living in their wellness era. The Ninja is powerful, durable, and compact so that it can stand up to hard use from busy teens.  

11. For the One Who Still Loves Harry Potter: Harry Potter House Velvet Robe 

Cool gifts for teens: PB Teen robe
Credit: PB Teen

Whether your teen is a brave Gryffindor, radiant Ravenclaw, humble Hufflepuff, or savvy Slytherin, there is a cozy velvet robe waiting to be unwrapped. These plush velvet unisex Hogwarts House robes from PBteen will be magic when unwrapped on Christmas morning. They’ll likely spend the day watching all eight films while wearing it upon opening.

12. For the One Who is a Kitschy Collector: QANYL Toaster Lamp

Cool gifts for teens: Toast lamp
Credit: Amazon

If the teen on your list is into the #cluttercore trend or loves cute kitschy trinkets, this anime-ish toaster light is just the gift. Available in three colors—green, pink, and yellow—the light will be an unexpected (but welcomed) gift this season. And we think it’s super cute too!

13. For the One Who is Always Thirsty: Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler

Credit: Amazon

The tumbler that broke the internet, the Stanley Quencher is still a popular option for any teen who needs an “emotional support water bottle”. Even if they already have one, there are so many colors to choose from that they’d likely appreciate a new pastel or bright-colored option to sip from. 

The tumbler’s double-sealed vacuumed walls mean your beverage will stay cold (or hot) for hours, and the dishwasher-safe construction means it’s easy to keep clean.  

14. For the One Who Dreams of Being an Architect: Lego Architecture Skyline Collection Paris Skyline

Cool gifts for teens: Lego
Credit: Amazon

The world of Lego makes for endless opportunities for the creative, curious, and design-obsessed teen on your list. If they loved building with these blocks as kids, this more mature Lego kit will give your teen a few hours of fun (and frustration). As the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics are near, the Paris Skyline Lego kit would be a cool gift. 

15. For the One Who is Crafty: Acrylic Painting Set 

Cool gifts for teens: Acrylic paint set
Credit: Amazon

What to get the teen on your list who is always dreaming, doodling, painting, and sketching? Their acrylic painting set! This painting set includes a wooden easel, three canvases, brushes, and paints. It’s a one-stop-creative gift that any budding artist will appreciate as they try to become the next Bob Ross.

16. For the One Who is a Swiftie: Redtwo Clay Beads Bracelet Making Kits 

Cool gifts for teens: bracelet set
Credit: Amazon

Thanks to Taylor Swift’, we are in the era of friendship bracelets. So what if the teen on your list already has beaded bracelets up to her elbows from the Eras concert they attended this year? This bead kit has everything she needs to make (many) friendship bracelets for themed parties. It’d be a perfect gift if they could get tickets for her second leg of the Eras tour. 

17. For the Gamer: Faux Leather Carmel Gaming Chair 

Cool gifts for teens: Gaming chair
Credit: PB Teen

Everyone knows at least one video gamer in their life. If one happens to land on your shopping list, do they need a pro-worthy gaming chair? Specifically, do they need a gaming chair that is not only functional but fashionable? The answer is, yes, they do. PBteen’s line of gaming chairs has styles to suit both girl and guy gamers. Style points aside, the built-in audio system (and Bluetooth) make this just as good of a gift for gaming as it is for jamming out in their room

18. For the One Who Needs Calm: CUTEKING Weighted Blanket for Adults

Cool gifts for teens: weighted blanket
Credit: Amazon

Between school, after-school activities, and daily life, teens are stressed. Gift them zen and relaxation at day’s end with a weighted blanket, which feels like a little hug when they’re lounging on the couch. It only weighs 15 pounds so that it won’t feel too heavy on their body, comes in various colors and prints, and is machine washable. 

19. For the One Who Likes to Cuddle: Super Mario Super Star Light-Up Pillow

Cool gifts for teens: Light Up Star pillow
Credit: PB Teen

Stumped on what to get? This adorable Super Mario Super Star Light-Up Pillow comes straight out of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and would make for some good decor. The best part? It glows with a press of a button.

20. For the One Who is a Night Owl: Hatch Restore

Cool gifts for teens: Hatch Restore
Credit: Amazon

Yes, teens need their sleep. However, getting them to wake up is a struggle. Give the gift that is also a gift to yourself, the Hatch Restore alarm. The aesthetic alarm clock doubles as a sound machine with a gradual sunrise wake-up system slightly less harsh than an alarm. Teens can customize their clock’s features to fit their sleep and wake-up routine for a good night’s rest throughout the school year. 

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