17 Favorite 2020 Grad Gift Ideas from UncommonGoods

Graduation season is here and we love being able to suggest unique gift ideas for the grads in your life. Whether you are looking for a perfect send off present for a neighbor’s child you have watched grow up, or your own son or daughter, we have a list of uncommon gifts from one of our favorite sites, UncommonGoods.

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Unique Grad Gift Ideas for 2020 Grads

1. Wishbeads Bracelet
What parent doesn’t have a secret wish for their college-bound daughter? This gorgeous bracelet, which can be ordered in one of 5 stones – lapis lazuli, rose quartz, grass agate, coral jade, chakra gemstone – has room in the clasp for a personal message, one that she will hold dear while she is far from home.


2. New this year! Wishbeads Necklace, available in the same stones as the bracelet in a pendant style with room for a message of love and encouragement.

wish beads necklace

3. Fix it Kit
This portable collection of handy tools will keep your life in good repair. The compact set includes all the basics for dorm and first apartment living: Hammer, LED Flashlight, Pliers, Tape Measure, Screwdriver with 10 assorted screwdriver bits. Available in pink or black.

tool kit

4. Bedside Essentials Pocket
One major design flaw with the weirdly elevated XL twin beds found in most freshman dorms is the lack of a nightstand to store glasses, phone, headphones, etc.  The flap of this felt pouch slips underneath the mattress and will keep your teen’s essentials close at hand. Available in two sizes.

dorm bed storage

5. Long Distance Friendship Lamp
Light up loved ones’ lives—across town or across the world—with these in-sync lamps. Buy a pair and, when you touch your lamp, their lamp lights up in the same glow, sending a little “thinking of you” to a far away loved one.

6. Scratch Off World Map
Dorm walls need all the help they can get and covering unsightly cinder blocks with a map is a popular solution. Made of recycled paper, these “scratch maps” can be easily attached to walls with putty or command strips. They have the added benefit of revealing a pop of color for each country or state your teen has visited. Students can “scratch off” the places they have visited and dream of future travel. Made in the UK.

scratch map

7. Here’s the Scratch Off USA Map 

US map

8. Travel Cord Roll
Dorm room organization is a challenge for even the most organized student. With a travel cord roll, your teen can easily pack and untangle their electronics cords to throw in a backpack or for weekend trips home.

jewelry storage

9. Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Maker
College students crave snacks in their dorm rooms and having a chance to pop popcorn is a snap with this silicone rubber, no-oil, popcorn popper. This is a healthier alternative to the bags of popcorn filled with additives. Just add kernels, place in a microwave, and, five minutes later, your student will have freshly popped popcorn. Bowl folds flat which makes this perfect for a dorm room.

popcorn popper

10.Custom Pet Pillows
Face the facts – it is not always parents and siblings that our kids miss the most when they leave for school.  Submit a favorite photo of your beloved pet and Uncommon Good artists will use it to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake pillow.  This will keep them company away at school and remind them of what they love about home.

pet pillows

11.Embroidered College Pillows
These collegiate pillows are embroidered by the artists at legendary CAT Studios and include all the highlights that make each college unique. This extra stylish and personal throw pillow is a keepsake gift that your freshman will enjoy for years to come.

college pillows

12. Embroidered College Pouches
These adorable pouches are a practical way to cary charging cords, makeup, gift cards, a few dollars or extra change….easy to throw in a backpack or stash in a desk.

college pouches

13. Personalized Socks
What is it about a pair of socks that makes it so easy to misplace one?  Sock Island is alive and well and living in dorm laundry rooms. With these Pima cotton socks, there will be no mistake as to whom they belong.  Personalize them with an initial, a phrase, or a name. In grey or black.


14. Women’s Personalized Socks
Same personalized offer as above, these are Supima cotton, and come in white, grey, black or pink.


15. Microwave Pasta Pot
Your college kid will be sick of their food hall dinners all too soon.  Being able to microwave pasta in the dorm gives them an option to eating dinner there, every night. Microwave, drain and eat, all in one convenient and easy-to-clean pot with lid.

microwave dish

16. Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve
Going to the gym should be carefree, but juggling a water bottle and a phone while moving from the treadmill to free weights is anything but easy. This clever fitness bottle and sleeve makes it easy to keep track of both water and phone.

fitness bottle and phone holder

17. The Path Necklace
Featuring a powerful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, this beautiful piece provides a reminder to forge your own trail. Green tourmaline promotes creativity, and smoky quartz calms to clear the psyche. The silver bar represents your path.


More About Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Perks Membership

Thinking of shopping at UncommonGoods for multiple recipients this year?  Pay $14.90 for the “Uncommon Perks” membership and you will receive free standard shipping on all purchases plus double the regular donation in the Better to Give program.* As an added bonus, members will also receive two $5 credits during their membership.

*One more thing – We happen to love UncommonGoods as a company.  They have a fantastic collection of unique gifts and we could pour over their website Gift Finder all day long shopping for our grads and, truthfully, everyone in our families.  But they are also a company with altruism in their DNA.

Their “Better to Give” program connects their customers to nonprofits around the world. With every purchase made, Uncommon Goods donates $1 to a Better to Give partner when customers designate a recipient non-profit at checkout. Since the program began in 2001, Uncommon Goods has donated over $2,000,000.

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