My Daughter Applied to 14 Colleges and That Was Perfect for Her

Let me start out by saying my husband thinks I am crazy sometimes. I believe he and I just think differently. Opposites attract and we go about life in two different ways. This is true especially when it comes to making decisions.

He likes to get straight to the point, and doesn’t see the big picture. I like to have space, give myself an opportunity to come to a decision on my terms, allow big choices to ferment like a good wine.

Our differences could not have been more true than when our younger daughter was applying to colleges. Fourteen was the final number. I must say, her personality is bit more like mine. And although my husband didn’t get it, I realized there are many reasons why it was ok to allow her to apply to so many schools. Each was different, and each had something to offer. And what she has learned from the process has been invaluable.

My daughter applied to 14 colleges
My daughter applied to many colleges.

Why Applying to Many Colleges Was Perfect for My Daughter

  1. When it came time to applying to school, she really had no idea what type of school she wanted. Big? Small? Nearby? Far?
  2. She wasn’t decided on a major, but through this process has figured this out.
  3. She is learning that both acceptance and rejection are parts of life.
  4. This process has helped her not only clarify who she is, but what is most important to her.
  5. It does not help to compare herself to others. While her older sister applied to only a few schools, she applied to many more. We are all different in how we go about life, neither is better or worse.
  6. She has thought a great deal about who she wants to surround herself with, an important decision we all face in life.
  7. She and I are spending some amazing quality time together going on college trips. I will cherish these moments when it is time for her to leave home.
  8. She has made new friends all over the country from the admitted students Facebook groups.
  9. She is understanding that she is not black and white, but gray. There are different parts to her personality.
  10. Nothing is a waste of time in life. While she may not love a college, she learns more about herself and her likes and dislikes with each visit.
  11. In a process that feels very cut throat at times, it is nice to feel sought after by some schools.
  12. She has also learned that being rejected, has no bearing on how qualified she is to attend a particular college.
  13. She is learning patience and how to sit within an unknown.
  14. She has given herself the time and space to deal with her mixed feelings about leaving home.
  15. She is understanding the art of decision-making.
  16. I am hoping when this process is complete, she realizes that life is about the journey, and where we end up is not as important as how we get there.


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