100 Things You Can Do With Your Teen While They’re Still at Home

You’re always looking for activities to do with your teens. We’ve got some ideas.

mom and son baking cookies
Take advantage of having more time with teens this summer to do things together. (Twenty20 @klovestorun)

100 things to do with your teen while they are home

  1. Prepare and cook a meal or bake a treat together
  2. Visit local museums and art galleries
  3. Go on a hike or nature walk
  4. Attend a local sports game
  5. Have a movie marathon night
  6. Play board or card games, family game night
  7. Attend community events or festivals
  8. Visit a nearby amusement park
  9. Have a picnic in the park
  10. Volunteer together at a local charity
  11. Create a scrapbook or memory box
  12. Have a family talent show
  13. Learn a new language together
  14. Go camping or stargazing in the backyard or at a campsite
  15. Take an academic class or workshop together
  16. Attend a concert or theater performance
  17. Have themed dinner nights
  18. Go on a bike ride
  19. Plant a garden together
  20. Create a family time capsule
  21. Teach them to drive
  22. Visit a farmer’s market
  23. Create a family book club
  24. Try geocaching (hide objects in various locations and then create a point of interest on the official Geocaching app)
  25. Paint or draw together or take a painting or drawing class
  26. Attend a high school play or musical
  27. Try a new sport or activity
  28. Visit a historical site
  29. Host a DIY pizza night
  30. Go bowling
  31. Decorate their bedroom
  32. Create a family YouTube channel or podcast
  33. Write letters to their future selves
  34. Plan a surprise party for a family member
  35. Have a weekly family meeting
  36. Host a potluck with friends
  37. Take a cooking or baking class together
  38. Go on a weekend getaway
  39. Watch the sunrise or sunset together
  40. Visit a planetarium or observatory
  41. Go to an escape room
  42. Host a clothing swap with friends
  43. Participate in a charity walk or run
  44. Try a new local restaurant
  45. Go on a city tour or historical walking tour
  46. Take a pottery or ceramics class
  47. Visit a local animal shelter or wildlife center
  48. Attend a poetry reading or open mic night
  49. Go to a comedy show
  50. Make homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt
  51. Have a water balloon fight
  52. Create a family tree
  53. Go to a paint-your-own pottery studio
  54. Host a themed costume party
  55. Visit a botanical garden
  56. Participate in a community clean-up event
  57. Have a fondue night
  58. Explore a nearby city or town
  59. Host a holiday-themed event
  60. Have a beach or pool day
  61. Learn to play a musical instrument together
  62. Go to a local art show
  63. Create a photo album or collage
  64. Watch a meteor shower or lunar eclipse
  65. Have a fashion show
  66. Go to an aquarium or zoo
  67. Plan an unexpected day of activities for the family
  68. Have a family workout challenge
  69. Try a new craft or DIY home project
  70. Take a weekend trip or a longer road trip
  71. Learn a new skill or hobby together
  72. Write letters or create art for elderly relatives or friends
  73. Teach them how to budget and save money
  74. Explore local history and landmarks
  75. Teach them how to do laundry and basic home maintenance
  76. Go biking, ice skating or rollerblading
  77. Create a family bucket list
  78. Attend a local fair or festival
  79. Go fishing or boating
  80. Create a family workout routine or challenge
  81. Attend gardening workshop
  82. Take a dance or fitness class together
  83. Teach them about car maintenance
  84. Have a family karaoke night
  85. Go to a drive-in movie
  86. Go on a photo scavenger hunt
  87. Create vision boards
  88. Practice meditation or yoga together
  89. Teach them about investing and financial planning
  90. Attend a lecture or workshop
  91. Watch a sunrise/sunset together
  92. Attend a poetry or open mic night
  93. Travel and explore a new city or town or national or state park
  94. Go to a trampoline park or indoor play center
  95. Host a DIY spa day at home
  96. Create and complete a puzzle or maze
  97. Attend a religious or spiritual event
  98. Go to a flea market, garage sale or thrift store
  99. Make handmade gifts for friends and family
  100. Attend a local author event or book signing

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