Tech Camp: Teens Can Explore Academic Directions for College, Have Fun

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It can be hard to figure out what to do with tweens and teens for the summer. While it’s a great time to unwind, have a job, and enjoy family and friends, it can also be a perfect time to explore a new interests. For teens interested in STEM, it can be an unmatched opportunity to learn about areas of tech that are beyond their regular classroom learning. If they are applying to college as a STEM major, it can be a great chance to show colleges their interest.

student at an id Tech camp
Students can explore academic direction for college while having fun at iD Tech camps on college campuses. (Image by iD Tech)

I was looking for constructive yet engaging summer activities for my tech-focused teen. I wanted something where he would learn things that were not covered at his school to feel like a real break but which would still be a learning experience. I wanted something that might help him decide the future course of his college education (and maybe give him some insight into a potential career) but would feel like fun.

And, in truth, he found iD Tech camps.

With 23 years of experience and an expansive online course lineup, iD Tech has the exact types of tech instruction that match teens’ interests. Plus, their instructors are recruited from top universities like Caltech and NYU.

My son loved his experience in game design, something I knew he was passionate about but would not be able to explore in the classroom. He found highly knowledgeable instructors and lots of peers who shared similar passions. Each morning when I dropped him off, he would try to negotiate an extra hour when the formal sessions were over to spend time with his new friends. Nothing makes a mom happier.

Top reasons Why I chose iD Tech for my son

Here are the things I loved most about his experience, and all of them are now available in both the In-Person and Virtual Tech Camps.

  1. My son had an interest in computer programming and game design, but few opportunities to work with educators who could nurture and guide his passions. He found this with his instructors at iD Tech. He made fast friends with other students in the class who shared his interests. Spoiler alert: he majored in computer science in college.
  2. At iD Tech he found a structured routine that gave him the basics he needed to move forward in his learning. He could take classes in Game Design, Python, JavaScript, Minecraft, Roblox, AI, Unreal Engine, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more.
  3. He received regular feedback (so important when learning a new skill) from his instructor. I was able to track his success as well. The classes were small and allowed for individual attention.
  4. He spent his summer days doing something constructive, which helped develop an interest that would only grow during his high school and later college years. He chose to do a full day program at a nearby college, but could have opted for the experience of living on campus and getting an early taste of college life.
  5. The only thing he liked more than playing computer games, was coding them and iD Tech taught him the tools to do this. Not long after he proudly showed me animations he had created. 
  6. He was in class with teens close in age who had a similar interest. He had plenty of friends who liked to play computer games, but at iD Tech he made friends with teens who liked to create them as well. 
  7. The camp was an excellent way for him to take his learning deeper and figure out if this was something he wanted to do more of in the future. This positive experience led him to taking the AP Computer Science course offered at his high school. 
  8. His time at iD Tech camp turned his unstructured summer days into a constructive learning experience and both he and I felt great about how much he learned. 
  9. He had the option to take classes in a daily setting, a residential setting (a chance to explore a college campus), one-on-one with an instructor and now virtually as well. The type of teaching can match the student.
Students with iD Tech transcripts
Students have a chance to earn a certificate of completion at the end of each 2-week iD Tech Academy session, created in partnership with top universities and organizations. (Image by iD Tech)

For the summer of 2022, teens can taste collegiate life with programs held at 75+ prestigious campuses nationwide or experience the collaborative spirit of camp online.

Virtual programs include multi-week Online Teen Academies created in partnership with top universities and well-known companies. For both beginner and advanced students, these academies allow them to earn official certification, helping them show colleges they want to take their interest to the next level.

Students who want to move faster or delve deeper into a topic have another option with Online Private Lessons. Your teen will have individual access to one of the highly qualified adult iD Tech certified instructors. These are great for students who already know what they want to focus on.

For parents of teens who aren’t sure where to start, a Discovery Lesson might be the way to go. This is the perfect place to begin if Minecraft, Java, Python, Roblox, or YouTube all sound completely good or completely foreign, and your student needs a bit of help figuring things out by working with a Tech Rockstar for 60-minutes.

If you are looking to save on cost, you can split a Discovery or Private Lesson with a sibling or friend, and it’s like you both save 50%. 

More details about iD Tech Camps:

Ages: For all skill levels, ages 7-19.

On-Campus Locations: Experience life on campus at 75+ locations.

Virtual Schedule: Online Discovery Camps include 2 hours of live instruction per day + 2 hours of self-paced project development per day.

Demonstrate Interest and Capabilities: Portfolio-boosting online programs are available.

Private Instruction: Customized 1-on-1 learning available.

Learn more about iD TECH here. Save up to $100* on an iD Tech In-Person, Virtual or Online Program with promo code GROWN&FLOWN

*Valid for a limited time (4/12 – 6/30/22). $100 off applies only to Online Teen Academies, Virtual Tech Camps, and on-campus programs. $20 off applies only to Online Private Lessons. Must pay in full at time of purchase for Online Private Lessons. Only one promo code may be used per student. Promo codes may not be applied toward previous purchases.

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