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Talking to your teen about mental health in college can be scary and awkward. Here's how to start the conversation.

Mental Health in College: What Parents Need to Know

Dear Readers, I am just like you—a proud, tired, and often worried parent of two kids teetering on the brink of adulthood. My daughter just graduated from a highly selective liberal arts college. She once told me, “I am majoring in my own sanity.” And over her undergraduate years, she studied through bouts of severe […]

These "10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping" will help you and your off to college teen make smart choices while saving time and money.

10 Commandments of Dorm Shopping

Outfitting a dorm room might be just one more shopping trip if it weren’t so imbued with expense, confusion and nostalgia. It is so easy to get so much wrong and wind up having wasted both time and money. We gathered our cadre of experienced moms and offer up these 10 Commandments, okay “guidelines,” to […]

BMW Katie Couric Bryant Gumble

When Parents Ask Kids for Tech Help

Most of my generation related to the Super Bowl advertisement that showed an amazed Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel mystified by “The Internet.” I still remember the day email was introduced in my office and I thought I was pretty hip with my first huge cell phone. Today I email and text, have a rarely […]

The Mommy Track: How it works for employees and the companies that manage it well.

“In Defense of the Mommy Track”

Lisa Heffernan writes in Vox about the Mommy Track and the success that companies find when they manage it well. Vodafone, the telecommunications giant, announced in March that it was changing its global policies for new mothers. Beginning this year, all women will be offered 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and the ability to […]

The Opposite of Spoiled, by Ron Lieber

The Opposite of Spoiled: Review and Q&A With Author Ron Lieber

When I first heard of Ron Lieber’s Book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money, it was with a sense of misgiving. Fighting against the spoiling effects of upper middle class life has been something that has occupied my thinking for years and I was fairly certain many […]

Answering these 50 questions before you go dorm room shopping with your off-to-college teen will save you time and money.

Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer First

Stop. Slide that credit card back in your wallet and set down that dorm room shopping laundry list. Yes, you are facing the mother of all back-to-school shops. And, yes it seems like your freshman needs a million insanely expensive things. But before you wander through the endless (and, we promise you, they are endless) […]

How to help your student move out of the college dorm: Eleven steps to save time, prevent backache, and minimize stress.

Moving Kids Out of the College Dorm, for the Summer or Forever

Here is the best-kept secret about the college school year. It is about 15 minutes long.  No sooner do kids return to college from spring break than they are ready to move back home for the summer. Moving into the college dorm or apartment was fun. The sheets and towels were new, the mattress topper was […]

We have come to believe that only those who have passion find fulfillment and success professionally. It’s as if passion is life’s magic pixie dust."

The Perils of Passion

“We have come to believe that only those who have passion find fulfillment and success professionally. It’s as if passion is life’s magic pixie dust.”  In her essay in The New York Times Motherlode, “Our Push for ‘Passion’ and Why it Harms Our Kids,” Lisa writes about the insidious nature of our children’s and teenager’s […]

Dear Parent of newly admitted college freshman, enjoy your kid's news but, we are here to tell you, nothing will ever be there same again. Six reasons why.

Dear Parent of Newly Admitted College Freshman

Congratulations to you, yes, to you. Although your high school senior has certainly worked hard to be recognized by their college admissions office, we parents know that no kid does it alone. Almost two decades of loving support is what led your teen to this day, so amidst the shouts of glee and the excitement […]

College Checklist

How to finish college in four years and why that matters.

How to Finish College in 4 Years: What Parents Need to Know

Imagine sitting in the audience at your daughter’s high school graduation, your heartbeat accelerating as the alphabetical roll call draws ever closer to your family’s last name. To her right and left you see her classmates, beaming with joyous self-confidence. Now, fast forward a few months to the fall semester of freshman year. Sadly, many […]

A college freshman offers five ways teens can make the most of their last few months of senior year to help smooth the transition to college.

5 Ways to Smooth the Transition from Senior Year to College

Guest blogger, Annie Berning, is a college freshman who looks back on her senior year in high school, offering these five suggestions for those who will be off to college in the fall: I’m currently trying to accept the fact that final exams are looming and am amazed by how fast my freshman year of […]

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Empty Nest

Grown and Flown on Scary Mommy!

Among the top blogs we have fallen in love with is Scary Mommy, the brainchild of Jill Smokler. If we loved Scary Mommy before, we love her even more now that we are  guest posted on her site. As we send Jill this digital thank you note, we hope we are also sending you over to […]

Christmas Wreath

Favorite Holiday Destinations in New York City

Mary Dell writes: New York City  is the metro area where Lisa and I have lived and worked for many years. It is always a wonderful place to visit and, during the holidays, the stars there shine even brighter. We offer these suggestions for some of our favorite spots to visit.  1. Appreciate The Metropolitan […]

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Parenting and Sports

Soccer parents, bad sports parents

Soccer Moms and Dads Misbehaving

And then there are the jerks…Earlier this week, we sang the praises of parents who have made standing on the sidelines such a joy, but we would be remiss if we failed to mention a few others.  The list of what we are grateful for is long but, examples of soccer moms and dads misbehaving […]

Soul cycle

Spinning Class – Exercise for the “Lazy”

Mary Dell writes: In the realm of athletics I am a dud, both coordination and motivation-challenged. When I attended BlogHer’12 this summer and heard Katie Couric describe herself as “lazy” (regarding exercise) yet willing to ride a stationary bike in a spinning class, I began to wonder if this might be a good workout for me […]

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Parenting and Social Media

Mom, stop calling me

“Mom, Stop Calling Me”

The Wall Street Journal published the most recent in a long line of articles in the press berating today’s parents and their millennial offspring for remaining over connected as the younger generation emerges into adulthood. In “Mom, Stop Calling, I’ll Text You All Day” the author suggests that millennials should not use modern technology as a way […]

out of date technology

Stuck in 2014 in our Empty Nest

Lisa writes: 10 months from now my husband and I will truly live in an empty nest and our real problems will begin. With two boys away at college and one to go, we are in a period of transition that helps me get ready for that day when time will stop. Unfortunately, nothing can […]

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Work Life Balance


Nine Reasons I Regret Being a Stay at Home Mom

  The most expensive decision of my life I made alone.  There was no realtor, no car dealer and no travel agent when I chose to leave the paid workforce and become a stay at home mom.  There was just me looking at my husband, my children (those inside and outside the womb) and the […]

Susan Smith Eliis

Former CEO of Product RED on Getting Off and On the Career Track

Susan Smith Ellis, former CEO of Product RED, writes for Grown and Flown readers about the challenges of going back to work after stepping off the career track to be at home with her children. Eighteen years ago, after a successful career in advertising, I decided not to go back to work when I found […]

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