24 Best Father’s Day Gifts for the Dads In Your Life

I am slightly biased since I am a dad, but I think that buying awesome Father’s Day gifts is so much fun nowadays. This is because dads are diverse and interesting, meaning that you’ll be presented with far more than golfing and grilling gifts, although those are great too if the dad in your life loves to get in a round or relishes his role as a backyard grill master.

The point is that dads can and do love a wide variety of things, from practicing self-care to soccer, music to movies, and stylish threads to the latest tech. This gift guide runs the gamut by including Father’s Day gifts that’ll help him sleep well and wake refreshed, let him listen to his favorite music in stunning sonic quality, keep the family calendar organized, and in turn, keep him sane in the process, and that will elevate his game in and around the kitchen. 

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24 Fabulous Father’s Day Gifts

1. Emma Hybrid Mattress (Amazon)

As we get older, our annoying bladders shrink and at the same time, our children are rapidly growing up and going out into an adult world in which their mistakes have more grave consequences. All this conspires to make sleeping a challenge which is why now, more than ever, lying your weary and worrying head down on the finest mattress is essential. He’s helped to get the kids into young adulthood, now get him a mattress that stays cool, is suited for every size and weight, and allows him to flip-flop freely on his side without you feeling any of the motion.

2. Nixplay Smart Frame (Amazon)

With the notable exception of the best shot of our wedding, and my favorite photograph of each kid that I had made into glass works of art, I’m not one for filling my home with framed photos. Instead, I have a Nixplay Smart Frame that rotates through cherished memories of when the kids were little, when our beloved kitties were still with us, and when my wife and I got to spend a week with penguins in Antarctica. And best of all, uploading new shots is as easy as pushing two buttons on the Nixplay app.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-M20xBT Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Amazon)

To be perfectly honest, it’s Sony Bluetooth earbuds I wear around the house every day, but I never, ever travel without these Audio-Technica over-ear headphones. Why? Because they sit comfortably on my head and take the roar of the plane or train away, and most brilliantly, while fully wireless with fine Bluetooth technology, they also have an old-fashioned cord to plug in and listen to movies in flight. For someone who travels professionally, this is perfection, and for someone who constantly forgets to charge their devices, a mere 10-minutes plugged-in nets your guy a solid 3 hours of use!

4. Roku Wireless Speakers (Amazon)

If he already has a Roku Smart TV, these wireless speakers will make his favorite Marvel movies and Monday Night Football sound marvelous, dynamic, and thoroughly cinematic. And for older ears and cantankerous sorts like me, these speakers boost the volume of voices for better speech clarity while lowering the volume on commercials that are so obnoxiously loud. 

5. Dr. Squatch Soaps (Amazon)

A lot of guys, like me, are moving away from liquid soaps in big, bulky plastic bottles, and towards old fashion handheld bars of soap. Give dad these aromatic and fun bars by Dr. Squatch. There are Marvel Avengers soaps, soaps with the scents of rum and bourbon, and my favorite, the extra grit Pine Tar that exfoliates and lathers up perfectly in the shower.  

6. YETI M20 Hopper Backpack Cooler (YETI)

There are times when dad will find himself walking on soft sand toward the water, with towels under his arms and hands full of beach toys for the kids. This gorgeous Yeti backpack cooler lets him also carry a full day’s worth of refreshments and the ice to keep his family’s cans and bottles, juice boxes, and snacks chilly even in the heat of summer.

7. Tokyo Treat Snack Box (Amazon)

Not everyone has the vacation budget, passport, or desire to sit on a plane for more than half a day to reach Tokyo. Thanks to this cool mystery box, however, every guy can visit the land of the rising sun by experiencing up to 20 limited-edition Japanese snacks (like Sakura Pepsi and Sake Kit Kats), unique teas, and cool gifts from one of the most exotic, bucket-list destinations on Earth. 

8. Across the Board Horse Racing Game (Amazon)

Perfect for family game night or to play with 8 or 10 people during a party, this gorgeous wooden horse racing game can even be played for real money to make the stakes more tasty!

9. Birdfy Bird Feeder (Amazon)

Eventually, we all become birders who get giddy when a Downy Woodpecker comes looking for nuts on our balcony. This Birdfy Smart bird feeder captures all the fine feathered feeding up close in beautiful HD clarity with videos and photos sent directly to a smartphone.

10. Retro Drinks Fridge (Amazon)

Perfect for his garage, den, basement, or bedroom, every guy secretly wants his own personal drinks fridge to keep his cans and bottles of craft beers and sodas, cheeses and salamis, and hummus close by and cold. 

11. Electric Grill (Amazon)

Don’t want to mess around with dirty charcoal or a dangerous open flame? This electric grill lets every dad whip up steaks, plant-based burgers, seafood, and veggies on an apartment balcony or a palatial backyard. And clean-up couldn’t be easier. 

12. Skylight All-In-One Smart Family Calendar (Amazon)

There’s a lot to manage for the modern dad. It’s not just his work and hobbies, but the entire family’s docket of commitments, appointments, t-ball practices, track meets, soccer games, ballet recitals, parent/teacher conferences, and so much more. This smart calendar is an ingenious piece of tech that’s both elegant and essential in getting a whole family organized with chore charts, meal plans, and as many lists as you can create all displayed beautifully.

13. Kizik Sneakers (Amazon)

Got teens? Then he probably also has got the mileage on the odometer for a cliched old man bad back. Give him a pair of these slip-on sneakers that look like classic lace-ups and spare him the trouble of bending over to tie his shoes. 

14. Meal Delivery Kit Subscription

From vegan dinners to meaty meals packed with protein, and heat-and-eat entrees to KETO-friendly recipes, there’s a meal delivery kit for every diet and food preference that will make home life simpler and more delicious. If dad does all the cooking, a meal kit subscription can give him a few days off to rest and recharge, while still putting nutritious meals on the table for his kids.

15. New Sports Equipment 

Take your pick — pickleball or spikeball, either kind of football, tennis, or fishing. This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of something new and fun to do outside, a sport he can enjoy with kids or friends, or an activity that’ll take him away from it all and relax alone. 

16. Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Cookbook (Amazon)

It isn’t hyperbole to say that this baking cookbook is life-changing. There are dozens of delicious breads, pizza crusts, and pita bread recipes that build on classic recipes, each of which require zero kneeding to create crusty, artisan, bakery-quality bread from scratch with no bread machine needed.

17. Where Should We Begin – A Game of Stories (Amazon)

I love sitting around the table with my kids, wife, and mom, playing games after dinner. The TV is off, the turntable is spinning some vinyl, and we’re laughing together with no screens needed. I also love stories (I am the publisher of a literary magazine and a writer, after all). This simply brilliant card game is designed to connect people with the intense and inherent power of storytelling. Dad and his friends and family will engage in amazing conversations, find common ground, and ultimately find joy too.

18. Roll Up Indoor Putting Green (Amazon)

Sometimes, when out on the golf course, missing an easy 6-foot putt for a birdie is the most maddening experience, but at the end of a long day, putting it at home may be one easy way dad can unwind and relax. And, the extra practice will mean he sinks that big putt next time!

19. Braun Series 9 Pro+ (Amazon)

In the shower or after he’s dried off, this brand new Braun gives guys the closest shave they can get, and the Pro+ comes with a handy mobile charging case so he can keep his face looking sharp home and away.

20. Blk & Bold Coffee (Amazon)

Specialty small-batch coffees sound and smell like a superb Father’s Day gift idea. Get him going in the AM and help him relax in the PM with a bag or two of single origin, light roast with notes of chocolate, honey, and Blueberry.

21. Jack Black Skin Care (Amazon)

It wasn’t until I met my second wife, almost 5 years ago now, that I learned about the importance of skincare. I don’t think I properly washed my face until this moment. Now I wash and moisturize twice daily, and I think the dad in your life will appreciate this kind of self-care skin-care routine before starting each day and then again before calling it a night. It’s calming, and meditative, and keeps my face clean and healthy.

22. Toilet Bowl Night Lights (Amazon)

Not gonna lie, sometimes we dads miss the target in the middle of the night. These motion sensor-activated, colorful toilet bowl lights will help ensure his middle-of-the-night activity lands perfectly. 

23. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (Amazon)

If he already has an Xbox (and if not, I recommend the Series S starter bundle), a Game Pass Ultimate membership that’ll give the dad in your life instant access to hundreds of the best games, like Forza auto racing, Assassin’s Creed, The Show ’24, World War Z, and so much more with new games added to the library all the time. 

24. 19-in-1 Multitool (Amazon)

Dads today can do it all, from changing diapers to changing the oil in the family car. This multi-tool can also do it all because it has a whopping 19 different functions in one handsome, tidy package. There’s a range of screwdrivers and wire cutters, bottle opener, double-tooth saw, a window breaker and hammer, scissors, whistle, fire starter, and more.

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