23 Stylish Dorm Essentials You Can Get at Urban Outfitters

The Best Dorm Stuff at Urban Outfitters
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Going to college is very exciting, but moving into a dorm can be a little daunting. Between the cement walls and limited personal space, it can be hard for your college student to make their dorm room feel like home. However, with a little help from Urban Outfitters dorm accessories, you can help your student express a little bit of their personality in their new space. It’s shockingly a great place to buy dorm stuff.

I put together this list of products by scouring Urban Outfitters’ website for popular dorm items and excellent customer reviews. I also found trustworthy recommendations from other publishers. Whether you’re sending a care package or prepping for move-in day, here are the best Urban Outfitters dorm items to consider.

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Our Top Picks: 

  1. Best Duvet Cover: Tufted Grid Duvet Cover – $59 at Urban Outfitters
  2. Best Throw Blanket: Checkerboard Super Plush Throw Blanket – $29 at Urban Outfitters
  3. Best Throw Pillow: Silky Marshmallow Puff Throw Pillow – $49 at Urban Outfitters
  4. Best Foldable Desk: Elliot Bed Tray – $59 at Urban Outfitters
  5. Best Desk Organizer: Terrazzo 4-Piece Desk Organizer Set – $44 at Urban Outfitters

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Bedding

1. Best Duvet Cover: Tufted Grid Duvet Cover

Urban Outfitters dorm: duvet cover
Credit: Urban Outfitters

College move-in is a great time to upgrade your child’s bedding, starting with their duvet. A duvet cover is much less bulky than a comforter for lugging up and down the stairs on laundry day, and this cute tufted grid pattern is trendy and classic all at the same time. Plus, it comes in a twin/twin XL size that’s perfect for dorm living.

2. Best Throw Blanket: Checkerboard Super Plush Throw Blanket

Urban Outfitters dorm: checkerboard throw blanket
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Whether cuddling up on the couch in the common room for movie night or staying extra toasty during the winter months, a good throw blanket will always come in handy. This plush, monochrome checkerboard throw will get them tons of compliments and keep them cozy all year long.

3. Best Throw Pillow: Silky Marshmallow Puff Throw Pillow

Urban Outfitters dorm: Marshmallow throw pillow
Credit: Urban Outfitters

As you probably already guessed, checkerboard patterns are in, and this oversized marshmallow-like throw pillow will not only make a statement but also be super comfy for naps and late-night studying. It comes in four cute, neutral colors that you can easily match to their other bedding.

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Desk Accessories

4. Best Foldable Desk: Elliot Bed Tray

Urban Outfitters dorm: bed tray
Credit: Urban Outfitters

While most dorms come furnished with a desk — let’s be honest — there are likely to be a few nights or mornings spent studying from their bed. Save their back and their bedspread with this cute, retro-inspired mini desk. It even folds flat for easy storage.

5. Best Desk Organizer: Terrazzo 4-Piece Desk Organizer Set

Urban Outfitters dorm: desk organizer set
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Help them keep clutter at bay with this monochromatic set of desk accessories, including two pen holders, a catch-all tray, and a phone and notepad organizer. For under $50, this set has everything they need to stay organized once they’re settled into their dorm room..

6. Best Laptop Stand: Modern Desk Riser

Urban Outfitters dorm: laptop stand
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Make their desk setup a little more ergonomic with this bamboo and acrylic desk riser — after all, they’re likely to be spending a good portion of their days at their desk. Sturdy enough to hold their laptop, its legs also fold down in case they need to store it away.

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Lighting

7. Best Bedside Lamp: Ansel Glass Table Lamp

Urban Outfitters dorm: table lamp
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Dorms tend to have harsh, fluorescent lights, so this cute little mushroom table lamp is great for late nights, especially if your child has a roommate. It comes in six fun colors and patterns, and it’s sure to stay on their nightstand long after graduation.

8. Best String Lights: Disco String Lights

Urban Outfitters dorm: disco string lights
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Nothing says fun like disco balls, and these disco string lights are super cute and functional. Whether stringing them across their bed or over a doorway, these mini disco balls are sure to be a conversation starter in the dorm.

9. Best Desk Lamp: Globe Storage Task Lamp

Urban Outfitters dorm: storage desk lamp
Credit: Urban Outfitters

This contemporary globe-shaped desk lamp will be a handy companion for late-night studying, and it even has a built-in pen holder. Available in three matte colors and one sparkly version, this lamp will save their eyes from straining in the dark and double as a gorgeous piece of decor.

10. Best Floor Lamp: Tulip Floor Lamp

Tulip standing lamp
Credit: Urban Outfitters

If your college student is moving into a suite or just has extra floor space, this whimsical tulip-shaped floor lamp will be the star of the show. Available in a gold and green finish, the lamp looks like a giant tulip, with the flower petals shining a spotlight on your student’s favorite reading spot.

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Storage

11. Best Storage Cart: 3-Tier Rolling Storage Cart

3-tier rolling cart
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Dorm rooms notoriously lack storage, which is why this rolling cart is so convenient. Whether they keep it in their bathroom to store cleaning products or use it to hold extra school supplies under their desk, this three-tier cart will help them stay organized in a small space.

12. Best Nightstand: Alana Side Table/Nightstand

side table
Credit: Urban Outfitters

This simple yet funky nightstand can hold everything they need at their fingertips during the night, from a water bottle to a late-night read. The rounded corners bring a modern flair to the minimalist design, and the metal frame is durable enough to outlast their time in the dorms, which can be helpful with justifying the cost. Plus, it comes in a variety of cheerful colors to complement a wide range of decor. 

13. Best Clothing Rack: Marlow Entryway Storage Rack

entryway rack
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Whether they’ve maxed out their closet space or don’t have a closet at all, this standalone clothing rack can hold ten pounds of clothes, and it has a built-in shoe rack. It’s durable, easy to clean, and creates more storage for your student out of thin air.

14. Best Skincare Fridge: STYLPRO Mini Beauty Fridge

mini fridge
Credit: Urban Outfitters

This one is by no means a necessity, but a little luxury that your skincare-obsessed college student will enjoy. This adorable, retro-style mini fridge is perfect for keeping their moisturizer, serums, and other skincare products  cool for a little more relaxation at the end of a long day of learning.

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Decor

15. Best Laundry Bag: Fiona Printed Laundry Bag

laundry hamper
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Doing laundry may be the biggest hurdle of dorm living, from timing your washer and dryer just right to dragging your clothes up and down the stairs. Luckily, this cute laundry bag comes in five fun prints, and it can stand on its own or be collapsed down for easy storage.

16. Best Oil Diffuser: Seasons Aero Essential Oil Diffuser

oil diffuser
Credit: Urban Outfitters

While your college student can’t light a candle to destress, they can turn on their essential oil diffuser at the end of a long day, preferably this cute, compact pink one from Urban. It’s cordless and rechargeable with 15 hours of battery life, can cover up to 1,200 square feet, and doesn’t need to be refilled with water.

17. Best Ring Holder: Cleo Ring Holder

Cleo ring holder
Credit: Urban Outfitters

This enchanting hand-shaped ring holder will be just as functional as it is beautiful sitting on her dresser or nightstand. Available in gold and silver, it can be used to hold and display rings and other jewelry.

18. Best Art Print: Julia Walck Cakewalk Art Print

Cakewalk art print
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Your college student will have a lot of wall space to fill when moving into a dorm room, especially if they plan to leave their bedroom at home intact. Help them start their own art collection with this stylish cake-themed art print by Julia Walck. It even comes in multiple sizes and with different frames.

The Best Urban Outfitters Dorm Bathroom Accessories

19. Best Shower Curtain: Allover Fruits Patterned Shower Curtain

Allover fruits shower curtain
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Bring a little life to their stark dorm bathroom with one of these fun, fruit-themed shower curtains. Made with 100% cotton, this shower curtain is machine washable and may even last them through college.

20. Best Toothbrush Holder: Talma Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Your college student can’t just leave their toothbrush loose on the counter if they have roommates. This elegant toothbrush holder has a convenient divider, so they can even store makeup brushes and toothpaste in it as well.

21. Best Makeup Organizer: Lauren Vertical Cosmetics Organizer

makeup caddy
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Vertical storage is best in a dorm bathroom because it saves precious counter space. This three-tiered organizer has room for her everyday skincare and makeup, and it even has a built-in brush holder.

22. Best Bath Mat: Sardine Bath Mat

Sardine bath mat
Credit: Urban Outfitters

It’s easy to miss the little details, like a bath mat, when you’re shopping for a child’s dorm room for the first time. This colorful bath mat from Urban Outfitters has a sweet sardine design that will add a little personality to their sterile dorm bathroom.

23. Best Shower Caddy: Felix Folding Storage Caddy

folding shower caddy
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Most college students have to share a bathroom, whether with a few suitemates or an entire dorm floor. This crate shower caddy will help them keep everything organized, and it’s foldable for moving day.

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