Last Minute Items NOT TO FORGET on the College Packing List

Your college student is nearly done packing. There is a pile of their belongings growing higher every day in the corner of their bedroom and the college packing list is largely checked off. Before you load up the car, make sure you have not forgotten these much-needed items. We have included a few just for fun!

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10 last minute things for the college packing list

10 Last-Minute Things to Remember for Your Kid’s College Packing List

1. Watertight Packable Rain Jacket
For years my kids ran from the school bus or car into their middle school and high school and never once wore a rain jacket. At some point, except maybe in CA, your kid will need to walk across campus in a deluge. These come in lots of colors, too.

rain jacket

2. Digital Thermometer
Since they were babies, we have functioned as a human thermometer laying our hand on a hot forehead; now it is time for a real one. Freshmen get sick. A lot. And when your kid calls you and says they feel hot, it is nice to know if we are talking 99.1 or 101.5. To a parent, those numbers mean everything. This one is easy to use and gives an accurate reading in 8 seconds.

digital thermometer

3. Shout Color Catcher Dye Trapping Sheets
Yes, we have coached our kids on why they have to wash whites and darks separately but sometimes that just won’t work.  With these ingenious sheets, they will never have to worry about that red t-shirt making all their white t-shirts pink.

shout color catcher sheets

4. 10 Foot Phone Charging Cable
Students want their phones by their beds and, as they use them for all communication and as an alarm clock, it has become a necessity. This durable, extra long and extra fast charging cord means that the phone can reach the bed.

Anker cord

5. Health Insurance Card Information.
When they get sick (see above) this is one of the first questions you will get. I had my kids take a picture of our cards to keep in their phones so that they have the information when they need it.

6. Sewing Kit
Your teen may have not any idea how to sew, but that is what YouTube is for. When they pop that first button, it’s nice to be able to grab a needle and thread and put it right. Full disclosure: my kids wait and bring things home, but I live in hope.

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7. Games
One of my kids showed up with chess and suddenly there was a crowd. Board games, card games, frisbee and, yes, video games are all great ice breakers at the beginning of the school year.

8. Scissors
It is amazing how often we use them and how few students have them at school.

9. Water Bottle
Kids walk all day on campus, from class to dorm to dining hall to gym, and more. With their own bottles, they can fill up at stations designed for bottles while saving money and minimizing plastic waste, too.

hydro flask

10. Command Strips
Blank dorm walls are dreary. Bring a banner, a poster, or pictures of the family dog, any of which can go up in an instant with command strips.

And one final idea, is this cute reminder, a Call Your Mom pillow. 

call your mother pillow

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