Dear High School Seniors, What Not to Do Spring of Your Senior Year

Spring of senior year of high school is a huge time in your life. It is the final chapter of high school and you are preparing to embark on new adventures. And, senioritis is probably kicking in at this time of year. There are so many amazing things to come in the future, but before you graduate high school, here are some things not to do in the spring of your senior year. 

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Here are some DO NOTS for your senior year of high school. (Twenty20 @jdnjd83)

Ten things not to do as a high school senior, Class of 2021

1. Do not mess up your GPA

Some seniors think that once you’re accepted into the college of your choice that you don’t have to worry about your grades anymore. Do not let your grades plummet. It can get you into all kinds of trouble and you really ant to finish strong after working hard for three and a half years. Keep your grades at least above a B. 

2. Do not be mean to your family

This is the last time you will be living with your family for an extended period of time. Take this opportunity to cherish your last few months with your family. Use this time to go on hikes, cook dinner together, do family game nights, or movie nights together. Spend time with your parents and siblings, because you’ll miss them much more than you thought you would once you actually leave for college. 

3. Do not post inappropriate things on social media

Stay away from posting partying pictures, or anything that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive. If you are worried about this, keep all of your social media private or do not use your full name. Things you post as a teen can haunt you well into adulthood, so it’s important to keep your social media lighthearted and appropriate. Before posting something, think of what your grandma would think if she saw your post. 

4. Do not skip class

Senioritis is real and you are probably eager to get to college, the military, your gap year, or other plans. Don’t skip your classes–it’s so easy to attend especially if they are on Zoom where you just have to open your computer and log on. Go to all of your classes and don’t show up late or leave early. 

5. Do not forget to file your FAFSA

The FAFSA is very important for receiving financial aid or taking out a student loan. Make sure to check your state’s deadline and file it before then. 

6. Do not pull a senior prank

This is one of the reasons many seniors get suspended or even expelled. If you are suspended or expelled you might be unable to participate in any senior events. Be very careful and as tempting as it is, do not participate if other students are pulling a crazy senior prank, especially if it entails breaking the law. 

7. Do not go crazy partying

Many seniors think that this is the best time to party because you don’t have to worry about college applications anymore. But, heavy partying can be risky because when our inhibitions are lowered we do things that could result in trouble with your school or the authorities. There are many other ways to have fun with your friends, such as going to watch the sunset or sunrise, going for a hike, having a movie night, trying a new recipe, or having a craft night. And, you will have plenty of time to party once you turn 21.  

8. Do not spend all your time on social media 

These days teens are spending lots of time on social media, which may not be optimal for mental health. Make sure to take a break from the screen and try to get outside every day, even if it’s just to go for a quick walk. 

9. Do not be stressed out about college admissions

Do not stress about college. It can be very stressful worrying about whether you will be accepted into your dream college. Once you have submitted all of your applications, letters of recommendation, and test scores, try not to think about it anymore (I know, it is easier said than done.) But, keep in mind that everything will work out in the end. 

10. Do not forget to have fun

Enjoy your senior year and live in the moment! Get excited, because, in the coming years, you are going to make some of the best memories of your life!

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