19 Incredible Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

With Easter fast approaching, the time to prep Easter baskets will soon be here. While it’s pretty easy to fill a basket full of goodies for younger kids, coming up with Easter basket ideas for teens can be a little more difficult. They’re not as assumed with gimmicky toys, and some have very strong opinions about their candy preference.

But if you still want to keep the magic alive even if the Easter Bunny isn’t as quite believable, we have some great ideas that are considered cool enough while still sticking to an Easter basket budget. From classic candies to self-care accessories to gifts for him, we took inspiration from retailer reviews and trusted publications to find the best Easter basket ideas for teens.

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Our Top Picks

  1. Best Basket: Leziazany Easter Basket – $11.99 at Amazon
  2. Best Portable Charger: Anker Nano Power Bank – $25.99 at Amazon
  3. Best Chocolate Bunny Alternative: Lindt Chocolate Carrots – $4.347 at Amazon
  4. Best for Teen Girls: Olive & June Quick Dry Nail Polish Set – $14.99 at Target
  5. Best for Teen Boys: Lego Creator 3-in-1 White Rabbit – $15.99 at Amazon

The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Teens

1. Best Basket: Leziazany Easter Basket

Credit: Amazon

While some Easter baskets might seem a little childish for your teen, this chic seersucker one is the perfect container for stashing their Easter morning goodies. And the cute bag can be used year after year without tearing, unlike a cheap option you might find.

2. Best Portable Charger: Anker Nano Power Bank

Credit: Amazon

Teens could always use another portable charger to stay connected. The Anker Nano Power Bank is ideal for iPhone users thanks to its ultra-compact design and high charging capacity. It plugs right into the bottom of their phones without a cord, which makes it easier to use their devices still even when they’re on the go. There are two versions: one with a lighting connector for iPhone 14s and earlier and one with a USB-C cord for iPhone 15s and later.

Buy the Anker Nano Power Bank with Lighting Connector:

Buy the Anker Nano Power Bank with USB-C Connector:

3. Best Chocolate Bunny Alternative: Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Credit: Amazon

Chocolate bunnies are fun — but a little inconvenient. From the clunky size to the sheer amount of chocolate, something more bite-size but just as seasonally appropriate would do the trick, like these Lindt Chocolate Carrots. They come in a pack of four that you can split between siblings or set aside an extra for yourself.

4. Best for Teen Girls: Olive & June Quick Dry Nail Polish Set

Credit: Target

For the teen girl who’s always jumping on the latest trend, Olive & June’s nail polish is the perfect Easter basket accessory. With three spring-ready colors and a top coat, she can start her nail polish collection with some high-quality, versatile colors. Plus, the set is conveniently quick-drying, so she won’t have to wait too long to enjoy her new nails.

5. Best for Teen Boys: Lego Creator 3-in-1 White Rabbit

Credit: Amazon

While this Lego set would be a fun activity for anyone, it’s especially great for a teenage guy’s Easter basket. It’s not too childish and not too challenging — this new Lego rabbit will be the perfect addition to his collection and a great Easter day activity. Best of all, it comes with three designs in one, so they could always take it apart and rebuild it as a seal or a parrot later on, making it a versatile Easter basket idea for teens.

6. Best DIY Craft: The Woobles Bunny Crochet Kit

Credit: Amazon

Even if your teen has never crochet before, this beginner-friendly kit from The Woobles will make them a pro in no time. It comes with everything they need to make a festive Easter bunny, including step-by-step video tutorials. And once they’re hooked on crochet (pun intended), you’ll be shopping for The Woobles’ many other crochet kits for future gifts.

7. Best for Planners: Bliss Collections Weekly Planner

Credit: Amazon

Although the school year will come to a close in a few months, your teen could probably use some organizational help with end-of-year testing. This convenient weekly planner notepad is not only cute, but it’s also functional. And it’s a lot easier to manage than a whole agenda notebook. Plus, they can easily repurpose the leftover pages for the next school year.

8. Best for Board Game Lovers: The Chameleon

Credit: Amazon

If your teen doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, a board game is a great option. Scrap the deck of cards for this trendy mystery game called The Chameleon. Players must use hidden codes, specific words, and a bit of accusation to catch the chameleon before they blend in and escape. It’s easy to learn, and the whole family can play along!

9. Best Classic Candy: Peeps Marshmallows

Credit: Target

You can’t go wrong with the best Easter candy in the game. Peeps! are a classic for a reason, coming in a variety of shapes, flavors, and colors — even bunnies. Bonus points if you get them in their favorite flavors.

10. Best for Self Care: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Credit: Target

Just because Easter baskets are traditionally full of sweets doesn’t mean you can’t add a little self-care in too. Upgrade her generic tube lip balm for this viral lip mask from Korean beauty brand Laneige. The silky balm will last her months, and it’s the perfect little luxury to add to their school bag.

11. Best for Squishmallow Collectors: Squishmallows 4″ Blind Easter Capsules

Credit: Target

The Squishmallow craze has recruited people of all ages, from toddlers to adults. These seasonal mystery capsules — that are known to sell out — are filled with mini Easter-themed Squishmallows that add a fun surprise twist. And whatever they get, it’s sure to be a great addition to or start of their collection.

12. Best for Budding Artists: Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book for Adults

Credit: Amazon

Just because this is the coloring book that started the adult coloring trend years ago doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit for teens. With more than 15,600 Amazon reviews and a 4.7-star rating, the beautiful, intricate drawings are easily paired with a new set of colored pencils or markers in the Easter basket.

13. Best for Those With Long Hair: ACO-UINT Hair Scrunchies, 20-Pack

Credit: Amazon

Hair scrunchies are always a necessity, especially for teen girls with long hair. Treat her to this 20-pack of chiffon hair ties with a variety of colors and patterns. For an on-theme holiday look, the attached bows make the scrunchies look like they have little bunny ears. It also comes in a pack of 20, so you can always slip them between baskets if you have several teens.

14. Best Snack: Annie’s Organic Chocolate Bunny Graham Snacks

Credit: Amazon

Add a little sustenance to the sweet treats in your teen’s basket with these chocolate bunny grahams from Annie’s. These tasty bite-size snacks are organic and made without artificial flavors. They also come in cheddar, chocolate chip, and honey flavors, and they add a festive, non-candy touch to your teen’s Easter haul.

15. Best Luxury: LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Credit: Amazon

Since your teen is getting older, you can add a few little luxuries to their basket, like this silk eye mask. Available in a few different colors, the sleep mask is an affordable yet fancy gift that they can incorporate into their selfcare routine. It’s one of the best Easter basket ideas that they never would have expected!

16. Best for Those Without a Sweet Tooth: Poppi Sparkling Prebiotic Soda

Credit: Amazon

Not all teens want a basket full of sweets, and this trendy, delicious prebiotic soda is the perfect healthy alternative. Beverages are somehow all the rage on social media, so they’ll appreciate something new to sip on. With familiar flavors like orange and fun new additions like cherry limeade, this soda sampler pack is so tasty that your teen won’t even know the drinks are low in sugar.

17. Best for the Fidgeter: Original Silly Putty

Credit: Target

Before today’s fidget toys, there was Silly Putty. For a fun throwback, add a pack of Silly Putty to your teen’s basket for popping, snapping, bouncing, and more. If anything, it’ll give them a good chuckle.

18. Best Water Bottle: Owala FreeSip

Credit: Amazon

Every teen could use a little help staying hydrated, and the viral Owala FreeSip is a great way to do it. It’s currently the popular water bottle of the moment and we named the best water bottles for school. It’s easy to throw in a backpack with its leak proof lid and makes it easy to take sips between classes thanks to its hidden straw. Plus, it has lots of bright color options, so you can match the water bottle to the spring season.

19. Best Perfume: Sol De Janeiro Hair & Body Fragrance Mist

Credit: Amazon

One of the most trendy scents of the past year, Sol De Janeiro’s sweet, warm body mist will quickly become part of her daily rotation. The Cheirosa ’62 has notes of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla, but there are five other scents to choose from With over 25,600 Amazon ratings and an overall 4.6 stars, this long-lasting fragrance is sure to get lots of wear in the warmer months.

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