Pottery Barn Dorm Essentials: College Senior Picks 18 Favorites (2021)

With move-in just around the corner, it is time to start looking for dorm room decor! Pottery Barn has some of the best dorm room items and keeps up with all of the newest trends for college students.

Did you know that Pottery Barn even has an entire dorm line, full of items that are perfect for college students in Pottery Barn Teen: Dorm? Here is a list of favorites for this year’s dorm shopping.

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Note: We receive compensation from purchases made through some of the links in this post.

18 dorm room favorites from Pottery Barn Dorm


1. Microfiber Pintuck Comforter & Sham

This comforter is sustainably sourced and features elegant pintucked details. It is perfect for any girl looking for a luxury look for her bedding. It is machine washable and would look so cute in a dorm room!

2. Xander Plaid Comforter & Sham

Plaid bedding is super popular among college guys right now! This comforter is made of 100% cotton percale and filled with 100% polyester. It is perfect for a guy who wants more than just a plain bedspread but doesn’t want something too crazy.

plaid bedding dorm

3. Bundles

And, BTW, for the ULTIMATE easy dorm shop, choose this comforter and sham as part of an 11-piece set that also includes a sheet set (Benzoyl Peroxide resistant), Organic Bath Towel Set, Down Pillow, 3 x 5 Shag Rug, Vegan Leather Dopp Kit, Recycled Essential Laundry Backpack and Shower Caddy. One click and you are done!

Take a look at all the bundles that Pottery Barn Teen offers.

4. Luxury Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is essential for living in the dorms. College mattresses are often dirty and can be uncomfortable because they have been well-used. It is crucial to have a mattress topper. Using a memory foam mattress topper made my dorm bed feel even more comfortable than my bed at home. This specific mattress topper from Pottery Barn is 2” thick and even conforms to the body shape. It is also ventilated to regulate body temperature.

5. Bohemian Fringe Plush Pillow

These throw pillows are trendy and cute and an adorable addition to bedding. Throw pillows add a pop of color to the room and make a bed look cozy and inviting. A lot of girls in college have throw pillows that make their room feel more like home.

throw pillow

6. Himalayan Faux Fur Throws

These blankets are fuzzy and are machine washable. They are extremely soft and are great for movie nights! Having throw blankets is nice for the nights when it’s extra cold in the dorms.

fur throws

7. Harry Potter Bedding and Decor

If you are a Harry Potter fan, take a look at the amazing ways you can not only decorate your bed, but also add whimsical touches of decor. No guarantee that your dorm will look like Hogwarts but you can always dream about it!

Harry Potter bedding

Dorm Storage

8. Bed Risers

Consider using bed risers which allow you to store much more underneath the bed. Because the space in the dorms is so limited, having this extra space is a life-saver.

9. Over-the-Door Multi Hook Rack

Having over-the-door hooks makes showering and hanging towels much easier! This over-the-door hook rack features 10 hooks, which should be more than enough for you and your roommate.

10. Recycled Simple Pop Up Hamper

This pop-up hamper is excellent for the dorms because it is designed with handles to easily carry it to and from the laundry room. Pop-up hampers are also great because they are easy to transport to college, taking up very little space in the car. I bought a pop-up hamper my freshman year of college and have used it all four years. Available in four colors.

11. Ready-to-Roll Storage Cart

Storage carts are convenient in the dorms because they are easy to move around. With limited storage in dorm rooms this storage cart is very useful for clothing or other smaller items.

12. Hanging Closet Organizer

This hanging closet organizer is great for any dorm room and can be used to store snacks, clothes, or shoes. This hanging closet organizer will add tons of much-needed storage space to your closet.

13. Recycled Classic Shower Caddies

It’s important to have a shower caddy while in college. This shower caddy has plenty of pockets to fit shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, and other toiletries. Pottery Barn is big on being sustainable and environmentally friendly, and this shower caddy is made from 100% recycled polyester. It is made from over six recycled plastic water bottles and is available in six colors.

Dorm Lighting

14. Shine-On Task Lamp

This task lamp is an awesome desk lamp for the dorms. Dorms often don’t have the best lighting and desks definitely need a lamp for studying late at night. It comes in gold or nickel, either of which is a nice accent to any room.

15. Glass Spotlight Floor Lamp

Dorm rooms often need extra lighting, which is why this floor lamp is perfect for adding lighting to the room. It has a modern look which is definitely in style right now.

Dorm Walls/Rugs

16. State Pride Flag

State flags as wall decor are very popular among guys in college! It is an easy and simple way to decorate a whole wall in the dorms. It could be fun if you and your roommate are from different states and each fly your state flag.

17. Ombre Tassel Performance Rug

This rug comes in the cutest pastel colors and is sustainably sourced and handcrafted. Rugs genuinely make the room feel much homier and warmer. This rug would look super cute right next to the bed.

18. HUB Floor Mirror

A lot of dorm rooms do not have a full-body mirror. This mirror sits on the floor and is great for allowing you to see your whole outfit. And the mirror doubles as a storage rack to hold clothes or towels. This is definitely something that you would use all four years of college if you bought this as a freshman.

Pottery Barn sustainability commitment

One other important thing to know about Pottery Barn is their commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes and materials. When you are on their site, look for the products made with organic cotton, recycled materials, Greenguard Gold and Fair Trade Certified. They are the only home furnishings retailer to make the Barron’s list of top 100 Most Sustainable Companies for the last four years.

Although Pottery Barn might be a little pricier for certain dorm items, their commitment to the climate is unmatched. Plus, many of the things you buy for freshman year can be used for all four years of college, and will work in a dorm or apartment, making them well worth the cost.

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