How to Celebrate Your Teen’s Golden Birthday

I had never heard the words “Golden Birthday” until our daughter recently clued me in,  “Mom, that’s the birthday when your age is the same as the date on the calendar. So, when I turn 17 on November 17th, it will be my golden birthday.”

birthday cake
A golden birthday only happens once. (Twenty20 @SmitBruins)

My Golden Birthday

In anticipation of her upcoming GBD, I began thinking about birthdays past. When my sister and I were little, our parents hosted traditional parties at home with our school friends and neighborhood kids, cake and ice cream.

During my teenage years, my girlfriends all held slumber parties to celebrate our big days.

Though it meant we could be served alcohol legally, I don’t recall any special drink-fest marking the age when I could drink legally.

But as my 25th year drew to a close, I was in school far from my Texas family, feeling homesick and stressed-out from classwork. On October 26th, my GBD, a gorgeous bouquet of 26 yellow roses arrived at my dorm room. Neither my dad nor I knew it was a “golden” day for me; he simply wanted to me to know he was thinking of his daughter and sending love, long-distance.

By 30, I had graduated and moved into Manhattan. A group of friends threw a party that made me realize how much I had grown to love them and all that was amazing about life in New York City.  Five years later I married and moved to the suburbs.

At 39, I was pregnant with our second child and began to plan my 40th birthday “bash”  – dinner out with my husband and our five-year old son. I remember what I was wearing – a pink maternity dress – and recall how the three of us celebrated.  My husband had a glass (or two) of red wine while our boy and I had ice cream.

Our daughter was born three weeks later and she remains my very favorite “birthday gift.”  The yellow roses come in second.

So, in three weeks, our now nearly grown and flown daughter will receive roses from her father. While I’m not sure what color he will pick, we all know how many he will send.

How will you celebrate your teen’s golden birthday?

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