Dear Parents of High School Seniors, The Letter You Need to Read

Dear Parents of High School Seniors,

I was you last year and I’m now almost one full year removed from the craziness. As I think back, there are some things I’ve learned that I would like to pass on to you.

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Words of advice to the parents of high school seniors. (Pexels Feedyourvision)

Advice to Parents of High School Seniors


1.They’re either going to get in to the college or they’re not. It’s beyond your control now.

2. You’re going to continue to hemorrhage money between now and drop-off day (and that’s not even counting paying for college). Roll with it. It’ll work out somehow. Even if you’re a single parent like me.

3. You’re probably not going to lose 20 pounds before the graduation pictures. No one will care.
Additionally, no one will care what you serve or what the decorations look like or anything else at the party…they’re running between a half a dozen of them. Everyone will enjoy your party because they are happy for you, even if you do it later in the summer. Just enjoy the moment and take lots of pictures.

4. You can search the Internet and the Grown and Flown Parents group for lists upon lists of everything you’d ever (or never) think you’d need to send your kid to school, and, it’s too much. You will find that out at the end of the semester when they bring home a carload of crap.

5. Except for the blue IKEA bags, the tiny little command strip hooks for lights, and the surge protector power strip (extension cords are often banned.) Those are legit. You NEED those.

Now, the Grown and Flown book is available and filled with advice for what to buy for college, how to master move-in day like a pro, and…how to say goodbye.

Grown and Flown book

6. Don’t bug your kid over anything minor during this second semester. It’s not worth it. There will be drama with roommate selection, and class selection, and orientation, and, and, and… But, the good news is that more than likely they will figure it out if you let them.

7. Once they get to school, don’t call them every day. Don’t text them. Maaaaaybe Snapchat, but only if you’re not checking in. It will be hard, but next thing you know, they’re FaceTiming you at midnight to tell you about their date (on a Wednesday night).

8. Enjoy the clean house that only gets messed up if YOU mess it up! It’s amazing to roll in after a long day at work and…there’s nothing to do but eat dinner, read a book and go to bed. There’s  a lot to look forward to in your soon to be empty nest.

And remember, you will get through this! It WILL be ok! It will be better than ok!


A Formerly-Stressed Out Mom of a Now-Flourishing Almost-Sophomore!

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Deanna Schroder is a veteran Human Resources professional with over 25 years’ of experience with helping people clarify their issues and discover their own solutions. Her positivity and sense of humor keeps her sane while supporting a wide range of employees and raising her beautiful 19-year-old daughter on her own.

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