‘Time Flies’ Is a Misnomer, I’ve Been Here for All of It With My Daughter

My daughter just graduated high school. My daughter just graduated high school! My daughter just graduated high school??? These are all the feels a mom gets when her daughter graduates high school.

People say, “My How Time Flies!” “A senior already?”, “I can’t believe it!” I don’t mean to be smart, but, “Yes.” She’s been a senior all year. Believe it.

I understand what people are really trying to say when they say these phrases. They mean that she grew up without them noticing. They were busy living their lives and doing things while my baby was growing up. And I don’t blame them because hey, they have their lives too. I’m not mad when people say this. I get it.

My daughter just graduated and I’m thankful the time didn’t “fly by.” (Shutterstock Sara Carpenter)

I wasn’t busy doing other things while my daughter was growing up

But I wasn’t busy doing other things. I was busy watching her grow up. Making her lunches, pushing her on a swing, waiting in doctors’ offices. Watching Phineus and Ferb before school. Teaching her to ride a bike, drive a car, taking her on trips to the beach, watching Stranger Things, going to concerts, showing her how to know when it’s about to rain when the leaves turn over. How to stand up for herself. How to be a good person.

All these things and more-I’m so thankful for. The time didn’t pass by too quickly; it didn’t fly by. I enjoyed every minute, every second and every hour. Because it was just enough time. Time for us to spend together and learn together. It was just right.

I sometimes long to go back in time but I was here for all of it

Sure, I’d love to turn back time and still be at that table at American Girl having lunch with her, dressed in a striped pink and orange sweater with old lady pearls sitting beside two other dolls, one dressed like an equestrian with a helmet on and jodhpurs and the other dressed as a gymnast in a leotard who just got her ears pierced at the American Girl Salon. But I know I can’t.

Because now it’s time for her to fly, to start the next chapter of her life and explore. Be who she’s meant to be. And I just know she’s going to do great things!

I am so immensely proud of her; she makes me proud every day and I believe in her. I support her and all the things she dreams about.

It was just enough time and I know my daughter’s got this

She’s got this! This is just the beginning, and It’s going to be a great new adventure. Wherever she ends up, it was meant to be part of the plan.

I’m just as surprised as everyone else that we’re in this spot at this moment. But I know I can’t slow down time. I knew it was coming. I knew it had to happen.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m HAPPY she’s graduating! Overjoyed! Tremendously proud. And thankful. Just thankful to be her mom. And thankful that the time didn’t fly by.

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