10 Things Parents Do That College Students Love

College is often stressful, and sometimes it can feel like parents don’t understand what college students are going through. However, there are some things college students love that parents do; these are things that students sometimes don’t tell their parents. 

What college parents do that their students LOVE. (Twenty20 @jenni.heller)

Ten things you can do as a parent that your College student will love

1. Visit them and take them out to eat

One thing that a lot of college students struggle with is feeling homesick. If you can, visiting your student at their college is a great way to help them still enjoy being at their university and spend quality time with them.

While you visit them, you could take them to lunch, visit museums, explore the community, or go for hikes nearby. This will also help your student to get to know the city they are in a bit better. 

2. Send care packages

Care packages make students feel so loved and special! You could send care packages during midterms, finals week, or holidays. Some things you could include in a care package include little snacks or candy or self-care items such as face masks and skincare products. 

3. Let them guide the conversation when they are at home, and do not ask a bunch of questions 

One thing that can often annoy college students is when parents ask questions about school, job, or internship plans. It is OK to ask questions; just make sure you aren’t asking them like an interrogation. If your college student isn’t interested in discussing this and begins answering with one-word answers, let them guide the conversation instead. 

4. Tell them you are proud of them

College students are in a transitional phase of life and often feel confused about who they are and what they want to do. It is appreciated when parents say they are proud of their students for working hard. 

5. Check in on them

If you haven’t heard from your student in a few days, it can be nice to text them and ask how they are doing. Do not feel the need to text them daily unless that is what your family normally does. Make sure they are doing okay because school can be overwhelming. 

6. Don’t constantly track their location while they are at school and ask where they are

It is fine if you want your student’s location for safety reasons as long as your student is okay with it. Do not ask them why they are out in the middle of the night or what they are doing, not at their dorm or apartment. College students tend to go exploring or eat with friends at the weirdest hours of the day, so unless you fear your child’s safety, try not to ask why they aren’t at home. 

7. Be there for them emotionally

College students truly need emotional support. So many college students are stressed out about finding a job or internship, getting good grades, or even having issues with friends. Give honest advice and talk to them more as a friend than a parent when your student is going through something emotionally overwhelming. 

8. Make their birthdays and holidays special

One thing many college students miss about home when they are away at school is celebrating holidays and birthdays with their family. One way to make holidays and birthdays special is by calling or texting, sending care packages, or even visiting them at their university if you can. 

9. Make coming home comfortable

When coming home from school, college students want to feel at home. If you turned your college student’s room into an office or home gym, try to make it as comfortable for them as possible. Even buying your student’s favorite food to cook when they return home can make a huge difference.

10. Utilize their short time at home

When your student comes home, spend as much time with them as possible. They will probably only be home for a week or two, so if you can, hang out with them while they are home.

But don’t be upset if they want to spend time with their friends too! College students need to make the most of their short time at home, which sometimes means catching up with friends from high school. 

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