These Texts Prove That Teens Never Stop Texting And We Love It

Text: Mom, can you drop off my lunch? I didn’t have time to make it. Please! I am starving!

Text: Can you pick up some milk? We are out. And I am starving because there was no milk this morning for cereal. Daddy finished it last night. Who still eats cookies and milk at 50 years old, anyway?

A teen reacts to her mom's Facebook post of her baby picture

Text: Did you see my Instagram? Go like it please!!!!! I have almost 200 likes!

Text: Do I have practice tonight? I have a ton of homework. I can’t go, if I have practice. Mom, why aren’t you answering me? Ok. I looked at my email. There is no practice.

Text: Mom, did you get this text? You have already used 75% of your data of this billing cycle. It is not because of me. Lilly has been snap chatting all day.

Text: I need shoes for the prom. We only have a month. Do you like these? I know you said do not buy shoes online but I love them.

Text: Ok fine. But we need to go this weekend. I still have to get my dress shortened.

Text: MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Take down that baby picture of me on Facebook! I look terrible. And do not post anything again that I have not seen. Post the one where I am holding that stuffed elephant. I look really cute in that. No wait. Don’t post that until I look at it again to be sure.

Text: By the way, mom. Nobody writes BTW when they mean, by the way. And nobody uses LOL anymore. It’s so last year.

Text: Sarah got into Ohio State!! Can I buy her some Buckeye clothing? I know you said no more college clothing but I just want to send her one thing.

Text: I can’t! You know I do not have any of my own money.

Text: I have been looking for a job. I swear. Like all the time.

And we pause for a moment of silence.

Text: What’s for dinner? The lunch was kind of gross. I do not eat peanut butter and jelly anymore. As of yesterday. Did you not hear me when I said that?

Text: Kiley just got asked to the Prom. Now we need a bigger limo. There are 38 of us. Make it 40. Go look at Kily’s Instagram post. So adorbs.

Text: Can you pick up my contacts? I think they are in.

Text: Fine, I will get them. What do you do all day, anyway?

Text: Mom, I have a headache and no it’s not because I am always looking at my cell. Can I take an Advil?

Text: Yes, I will clean up my room! You already asked me like a 100 times.

Text: I did clean it yesterday. It just got that messy again.


Text: I can’t stop for milk on the way home, I have to pick up my contacts and then I need to help Michael with Calculus. Not sure if I will be home for dinner. Wait, what are we having.

Text: UGH!! I am sick of chicken. I am going to go to Qdoba with Michael later.

Text: I finished my homework in study hall.

Text: Did you like my Instagram post?

Text: Where is daddy? He is not answering my texts. I need him to bring home paper from the office.

Text: I know he is busy working, but I need it tonight because my paper is due tomorrow.

Text: Mom, the paper is already done, I just have to print it out.

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And we pause for much-needed deep breath, the kind I learned in Yoga class, which I took months ago, when I had an abnormally free morning. Which as it turned out, I had the morning open because I had forgotten to show up for my son’s class trip.

And we are back.

Text: I just had the best chicken salad at Dobes. This is my all time favorite restaurant.

Text: Had no money for gas. Had to use your credit card.

Text: I am looking for a job! Sarah couldn’t find a job either. It’s not just me, mom.

Text: On my way home.

Text: Hi Mrs. Mund. No, she is not texting and driving. This is Michael. I wrote that text.

And we pause for a final moment of silence.

Text: Can I go with Sarah to the mall tomorrow after school? I need prom shoes.

Text: Why do I have to come downstairs to talk to you? I am in bed watching Netflix.

Text: Fine, my show is over in like 10 minutes. But I need prom shoes so can we go this weekend?

Text: LOL. That was actually funny, mom.

Text: LOL is back in again.

Text: Good night.

Text: I love you, too.


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