Dormify: Fabulous Finds for Dorm Rooms

Looked at one way, it is just another day of online shopping. Teen needs sheets, towels, a comforter and some useful and decorative items for their bedrooms. But, look again.

This is the moment when parents begin to prepare them in a practical way for the journey, for the young adult life they will lead separate from their family. It is a moment packed with emotional punch as moms, in particular, imagine the college years, and say goodbye to many of the things they have loved about their kids for the past 18 years. Parents know they need to be sensible and help teens to prepare for the year ahead.

dormify dorm room
Dormify has beautiful colors and furnishings for 2020.

Shopping for college can feel overwhelming for both parent and teen, but the good news is that so much of the legwork can be done online. Enter Dormify, an online decorating destination where teens can design their dream dorm room while carefully monitoring the cost along the way.

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Dormify Shopping Benefits

1. Bed Visualizer

Using their phone or laptop, teens can design a bed with sheets, comforter, blanket, pillows, and a headboard mixing and matching endless combinations before deciding on a final selection. They can see how their choices will look and exactly what they cost before adding a single item to their shopping cart.

2. Wall Visualizer

Teens can select removable wallpaper, posters, photo displays and more all while moving them around to see what the decor will look like IRL.

3. Shopping Dates with a Stylist

If a student wants to chat via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc, they can book a FREE appointment with one of the Dormify stylists who can show them products and answer questions. The experts are college students or recent grads and they can give “big sister” advice about designing your space and dorm life.

virtual stylist
Your teen can book a free appointment with a Dormify stylist.

A Word About Guys’ Dorm Rooms

There is no shortage of Dormify items that would work equally well for any gender.

However, even if boys preferred to defer the dorm shopping decisions to their moms, here’s where they can easily find bundles which include a full set of sheets and a set of towels. One click and they are done with the basics.

dorm bundles from Dormify
Dorm shopping for guys is incredibly easy when you shop for a “bundle.” of sheets and towel sets.

Grown and Flown 2020 Dormify Picks:

Start with the Bed

Start by clicking on the bed visualizer and create their optimal bed choosing favorite colors and patterns.

Once they’re ready to move onto wall, storage or decor items, Dormify has some unique standout pieces that caught our eye:


1. Grey Twin/Twin XL Powered Studded Headboard

These headboards can also be mounted easily on the wall. Added to the functionality are a built-in outlet and USB port so your student can plug in a phone, laptop or clip-on light at their bedside. The headboard has a 6’ long power cord so you teen can plug it into an outlet and have all the power they need, bedside.

Dormify headboard
These headboards have built-in power sources.

Dorm Walls

2. White Brick Removable Wallpaper

The peel and stick wallpaper in a brick pattern is an inventive and attractive way to obscure the typically awful cinder block walls that make dorms look so bleak. (It is easily removable and does not damage walls –  (just be sure to check the Student Housing prohibited list first).

Removable wallpaper is easy to put up and remove.

3. Tapestry + Long String Light Set

Hanging a wall tapestry is a relatively easy and quick way to dramatically upgrade the walls. One news trend is to add a string light to the tapestry – so cute but make sure both are allowed in the dorms.

dormify string lights

4. White Hangit Photo Display

A cute way to display photos is with this “hangit” – that uses clothesline and pins strung between two poles where your teen can display and switch out favorite photos.

This easy-to-hang photo display can hold a changing collection of postcards and photos.

Lighting in Dorms

5. Charging Task Lamp.

If the desk doesn’t have a lamp or lighting, here is a desk lamp with a built-in charging outlet plug.

Many dorm room desks need extra lighting.

6. Floor lamp

A floor lamp is another option for adding lighting to a room. It can be adjusted to point light in any direction desired and works especially well in poorly lit rooms. They are a practical lighting source to nestle next to an elevated bed.

The three lights on these floor lamps can be pointed in different directions.

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Grown and Flown paperback

Accent Pillows

7. Pillows

Dormify is known for their fantastic pillows and you will find a wide range of shapes, colors and textures.

Dormify pillows

8. Customizable pillows

Dormify will create a unique pillow with your teen’s name, initials, school name, etc. which makes a great grad gift. The pillows with one large initial might be a simple way for roommates to unify two disparate styles with a pair, one for each bed.

Consider getting an initial pillow for your teen and their roomie.

Dorm Storage

9.Collapsible Storage Ottoman Chair

We fell in love with this storage cube that doubles as a chair with the back folded up. It also comes with inserts for a perfect place to store shoes. It folds completely flat when not in use.

ottoman chair

10. Tall Charging 3-Drawer Cart on Wheels

This was one of Dormify’s biggest hits last year and sold out quickly. These have USB and charging ports making it even more useful than your typical bed shelf that is sometimes used with elevated dorm beds.


All photos curtesy of Dormify

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Shopping for college can feel overwhelming for both parent and teen, but the good news about 2019 is that so much of the legwork can be done online. Enter Dormify, a decorating destination where your teen can design their dream dorm room while carefully monitoring the cost along the way. #dormroomideas #dormify #ad

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