20 Things Moms Want Dads to Know on Father’s Day

In the thick of the parenting years, we don’t often get a moment to say to our partners what we really feel. On Father’s Day and every day, we moms want dads to know these simple truths.

What we love about dads on Father's Day

Father’s Day: to my husband

We will never forget the pure love on your face the moment your first child was born

We aren’t as confident as we appear

We don’t want to change you, we just want the best version of you

We wish there was more left to give you at the end of the day

Watching you do simple things with your children makes us whole

We can recall the exact moment we knew you were going to be a great father

When we see your traits in our children, we smile

We didn’t think it was going to be this hard either

We know being the perceived strong one is not an enviable position

We know the wisdom you share is as valuable as ours

We know that you are juggling just as much as we are

We love to watch you asleep and snuggling with your child

We think Mother’s Day creates a lot of pressure for everyone

We marvel at the way the entire house gets excited when you come home

We want our boys to emulate you

We want our girls to judge every male by the standard you set

We don’t always think you are wrong or that our way is always better

We appreciate our life even on the days we are too tired to speak

We know one day, down the road, it will be about the two of us again and we can’t wait

We thank you for embarking on this crazy journey with us, wherever it may lead




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