There’s Going to Be a “Saved by the Bell” Reboot and We Can’t Wait

Back in high school, I used to love to watch television, but especially Saved by the Bell. I’d kick off my high- top L.A. Gear sneakers and make myself an oversized bowl of Ramen or throw back one of those Drake’s fruit pies and hang in front of the screen with my sisters.

Sure, Zack was handsome but I always had a thing for A.C Slater and would get goosebumps every time he called Jessie Spano, “Mama.”

Kelly was my fashion idol and I would struggle in front of the mirror for hours before school trying to get my bangs to feather like hers.

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Friends forever…

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In college, I had a bad break up and was comforted by a Saved By The Bell, The College Years marathon and a few boxes of Fat-Free Raspberry Fig Newtons. I never let my college friends know I still loved (and watched) the show then until my friends and I were halfway into a box of White Zin.

Saved by the Bell reminds me of my teen years.

I confessed how it reminded me of my early teens and grilled cheese sandwiches and whenever
it was on, I had to watch it.

They felt the same way about the show and after that day you better believe if a Saved By The Bell episode was on, that meant there was a party in my room. Perhaps there may have been more than a few cheesy parts, but the show felt like nostalgia and comfort.

Saved by the Bell aired from 1989 to 1993, with The College Years airing from 93-94. It was named one of the “Twenty Best School TV Shows” by RollingStone and followed the lives of high school friends and their principal.

While it was a comedy for kids, it did touch on serious issues such as drugs, homelessness, women’s rights, remarriage, and environmental issues.

With reboots being on trend lately, I was elated to hear Saved By The Bell is going to make a comeback. After all, Fuller House, 90210 and Will and Grace all had their turn and we ate it up. Why not spread the love?

Mario Lopez announced on his Instagram page along with Elizabeth Berkley (aka Jessie), a Saved by the Bell reboot is happening since rumors have been whispering since September.

You will be able to view the episodes on NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. While no official date has been set, there is talk of April of 2020.

That is only a few months away, people! I need to start scanning the grocery store for Ramen and Fruit pies.

Entertainment Weekly reports , not only will Mario and Elizabeth be back on the show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the star who played, Zack, has signed on for three episodes. If you thought he looked good as a young kid, wait until you see him now. Swoon.

Tiffany-Amber Thiessen, the woman who played Kelly Kapowski is rumored to make a few appearances as well, but more importantly, Saved By The Bell has cast Josie Totah, a transgender female to play a character named, Lexi “a popular and sharp-tongued cheerleader.”

How can you not want to watch with all this excitement?

According to Entertainment Weekly , The show will “explore the fallout when Zack, now governor of California, gets into trouble for closing too many low-income high schools and proposes the affected students be sent to the highest-performing schools in the state — including Bayside High.”

I think we should prepare by catching up on all the episodes. Who is with me?

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