“Christmas Ever After” is Lifetime’s Most Inspirational Holiday Movie Yet!

If there’s one thing we need in 2020, it’s a breath of fresh air. Or possibly several of them. I’ve been glued to the television watching (or just listening in the background as I clean or cook) the holiday Lifetime movies which started at the end of October. They have saved me.

Some say that’s too early to indulge in candy canes, romance stories, and Christmas cheer but for me, it arrived right on time. This year, Lifetime offers so many wonderful, diverse movies to watch with the entire family.

Christmas Ever After premieres on December 6. (Lifetime)

Lifetime’s Christmas Ever After, airs on Sunday, December 6th at 8/7c

Christmas Ever After, which premieres on Sunday, December 6th at 8/7c is one movie you must mark in your calendar. (This post is in paid partnership with Lifetime but the review and opinions are 100% my own.)

I fell in love with the first scene as soon as I realized the main character, Izzi Simmons (played by trail-blazing Tony winner Ali Stroker) was a romance novelist. Honestly, it’s my dream job and I knew I’d be telling my kids they couldn’t talk to me until I was done watching (several times over).

Her role as a writer isn’t romanticized either. It’s hard work and shows how you have to live in order to be inspired to write, something Izzi isn’t afraid to do.

Izzi, like me, is an independent woman who lives on her own, is self-sufficient and lives her dream regardless of the obstacles life throws her way. She originally decides to cancel her vacation to her beloved Bed and Breakfast in order to finish her latest book before her (twice extended) deadline of Christmas.

She soon realizes she can’t possibly do it at home and decides to take her trip anyway, hoping it will bring her some inspiration. 

Stubborn? No. 

Determined? Yes!

The holiday decor is cozy and inviting

Without giving you too many spoilers, I have to say one of the things that draws me to a holiday movie is the decor and let me tell you, Christmas Ever After has it all. There’s modern flair with white and silver decorations in her hometown. But, when she arrives at the Bed and Breakfast, it is so cozy and inviting that I literally googled it to see if the place existed in real life.

The Inn is filled with plaid, cozy lighting, and traditional Christmas decor that made me feel like I was snuggled in my grandmother’s house. I could literally smell the ginger snap cookies baking in the oven.

There is nothing like watching something that makes you feel nostalgic, at home, and reminds you of a safe place. I think we could all use a dose of that right now.

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Izzi is stuck in her ways and is vocal about how important tradition is to her, which is something else I can relate to. Not to mention her love for oatmeal raisin cookies which everyone tells her is wrong (I disagree, gimme all the oatmeal raisin cookies).

As she learns that her beloved Bed and Breakfast has a new owner who will be making some improvements, she definitely struggles with the changes at the same time she tries to finish her book.

In between working on writing pages and tweaking her main character, she goes on new adventures and meets new people who change her mindset and get her to let go of some of her old ideas and beliefs. And the life she’s leading gives her the inspiration to finish another best-selling romance.

There is a twist at the end that you won’t see coming

But wait–this isn’t just another “feel good”movie (but so much that). There is a serendipitous twist at the end that I didn’t see coming which made me think about how the best gifts aren’t manufactured. They don’t come in pretty packages, and you never know where life is going to take you.

Bravo to Lifetime for showing all different kinds of families, traditions, and reminding us about what truly matters in life. I’ve watched all the movies that have been aired thus far, and I’ll be watching the rest. 

So, don’t forget to tune in (my advice is to make a nice batch of oatmeal raisin cookies) to watch Christmas Ever After. Don’t forget to grab your favorite blanket, your favorite people, and enjoy the show.

Or, you can wait until you have a night to yourself and eat all the cookies and enjoy the silence. Either way, you won’t be sorry.

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