Lifetime Christmas Movies: Grab a Blanket and Your Favorite Ice Cream

Using the tagline “Lifetime has something for everyone” the network rolls out a season full of Christmas joy this weekend, October 23-25!  Now before you start griping about rushing Christmas or some other utter nonsense, understand that if ever a year needed a little extra cheer, it is 2020. 

Personally, I am ready for a little magic and a dose of sweet story lines. And a Lifetime Christmas movie premiere can only be improved with one thing…ice cream. After all, delicious movies deserve a little sugar on the side, amiright?

Ice cream pairing for your favorite Lifetime movies

I have taken the liberty of offering ice cream pairings for a sampling of the line-up. You’re welcome.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter: In a world where Christmas revelers are pairing up, there is no better duo than chocolate and peanut butter. Much like the characters who find love, each one is good alone but together they are dynamite.  Recommended for Christmas on Ice (October 23rd)

Moose Tracks:  Heroines often find themselves in small inns in even smaller towns with big nature.  A serving of surprises can be a good thing indeed and this flavor-and movie-have surprises in every bite. Perfect for The Christmas Edition (November 15th with a bonus of a Marie Osmond sighting) and starring Broadway sensation Carly Hughes!

Marie Osmond stars in The Christmas Edition (Lifetime)

Chocolate Chip: Sometimes you just need dependable, solid things in your life. Like a high school boyfriend who never left your hometown or the Christmas Festival at the town square.  Revel in the comfort of Candy Cane Christmas (October 31st). You have our permission to eat Halloween candy with this premiere, which stars Beverly Mitchell of 7th Heaven fame.

Coffee: Lifetime characters often receive a jolt of clarity about their lives all in the span of two hours–minus commercials. Career paths change, families reunite and wrongs are righted against a backdrop of snow and ice. Make sure you are caffeinated and ready for Spotlight on Christmas (December 4th).

Oreo: Nothing says heartbreak like a sleeve of Oreo cookies. Take that flavor up a notch as the broken hearted stop wallowing and start loving as their faith in relationships is restored. Wallow away with Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve (December 5th).

Neopolitan: The way to love is paved with compromise, a little something for everyone. Warring shopkeepers, feuds between neighbors and grudges over a bad break-up after high school all fade to black at Christmas. Scoop up the harmony with Inn Love by Christmas (December 11th).

Sherbet: Let us not forget that Christmas love can blossom in warmer climates too. New romance is equally refreshing whether among the palm trees or the pines. Take a bite of sunny and bright while taking in Feliz NaviDAD set in Arizona (November 21st). Bonus: Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell.

Mario Lopez stars in Feliz NaviDAD. (Lifetime)

Rocky Road: One thing is for sure, love ain’t easy—even at Christmas. The bumps, twists and turns make it all worth it in the end. Savor the tumultuous trip to twosome in Dear Christmas (November 27th) Spoiler Alert: This stars Jason Priestly of Beverly Hills 90210 AND Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Jason Priestly and Melissa Joan Hart star in Dear Christmas. (Lifetime)

Pralines and Cream: Is there such a thing as too sweet? Never! Those with a taste for the more saccharine side of Christmas cannot miss The Santa Squad (December 7th). It’s sweet with plenty of sentimental mixed in. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough:  Christmas is about baking cookies, licking the beaters and old-fashioned fun. If you are all about nostalgia on the way to true love, A Sugar and Spice Holiday (December 13th) will be your guilty pleasure. 

And there you have it. This year’s Lifetime movie line-up yummy and decadent—as delicious as a banana split (works with every movie!)

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