11 Unique Thank You Gifts for Every Member of the Wedding Party

The best wedding thank you gifts
Credit: Mark & Graham / Papier

When planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about, from the dress to the venue to the seating plan—and you’ve helped your teen every step of the way. Let us help take one thing off your plate with this guide to the very best wedding thank you gifts to thank anyone who has given some extra support for the big day (you included!). We’ve scoured the internet, queried our friends, and pulled from our own gift-giving expertise to put together our list of the most thoughtful, unique, and creative keepsakes to buy for bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, flower girls, and just about everyone else who pitches in on the big day. 

You won’t find the same old engraved cutting boards or customized cufflinks on this list, either: These are the kinds of wedding thank you gifts that family and friends will truly love getting and will use for years to come. 

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The Best Wedding Thank You Gifts

1. For the Bridesmaids: Birdy Grey Jonny Pajama Set

Wedding thank you gifts: Birdy Grey pajamas
Credit: Birdy Grey

Who doesn’t love a chic pair of pajamas? One of the few traditional bridesmaid gifts we can actually get behind, a customized PJ set is useful on the wedding day and beyond. After all, friends don’t let their capable adult friends go to bed in some ratty old college T-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. 

Help the bridesmaids step up their nighttime game up with something personalized, like this Birdy Grey Jonny Pajama Set, which ranges from XS to 3X and comes in over 15 colors, including muted pink, black, deep red, and a rich emerald green. Get them plain for $44, or fork over the extra $6 to put their name (or nickname) on the back, creating a keepsake that they’ll appreciate every time they drift off to dreamland.

2. For the Groomsmen: Smythson Flat Card Holder

Wedding thank you gifts: Smythson card holder
Credit: Smythson

Weddings are, in some ways, a celebration of growing up. They’re taking a big step in adult life, and doing it while surrounded by longtime best friends. Why not help the groomsmen down the path toward adulthood themselves with a smart, grown-up wallet? 

These days, there’s really no need to carry anything bulky or that can be stuffed full of receipts, so we recommend the Smythson Flat Card Holder, which is made of soft, timeless leather, has five card pockets, and comes in five smart colors, including a bright red. While it’s lovely as is, for a wedding thank you gift, we recommend going the extra mile and having it personalized with their initials, their zodiac sign, or even a little drawing of a cat or dog. 

3. For the Flower Girl: Flower Girl Necklace

Wedding thank you gifts: Flower Girl necklace
Credit: Etsy

While the flower girl and ring bearer might be the youngest members of any given wedding party, it can be nice to show them a slightly more “grown up” amount of respect when it comes to their thank you gift. For a flower girl, for instance, we love the idea of a matching jewelry set, plus a card that thanks them sincerely for their help and makes clear their importance to both your ceremony and your life. 

This Green Peridot set of daisy-themed jewelry comes atop a nice message that both thanks the flower girl and lets her know that she’s “amazing and very, very special.” Customize the set based on the flower girl’s age and whether she has pierced ears or not.

4. For the Ring Bearer: Kidamento Kids Digital Camera

Kidimento digital camera
Credit: Amazon

Give the ring bearer something to do after the ceremony with their own kid-friendly digital camera. This Kidamento Digital Camcorder takes photos and videos, comes in two cute animal-friendly styles, and is wrapped in a soft silicone casing. With six hours of battery life, the camera should be ready to rock and roll right out of the box, meaning the ring bearer can start capturing memories at the reception—something that might also be a present to his parents, given that it means he’ll have something to do. 

Just make sure to ask for a link to the pics he takes: While some are sure to be blurry thumb snaps, there just might be some candid gems in there that they’ll want to add to their wedding album.

Milk Bar Favorite cookie tin
Credit: Milk Bar

Being a wedding planner is a lot of hard work, so don’t overlook them on your wedding thank you gift list. Thank them for all their time and trouble with a box of 12 Milk Bar cookies, which come individually wrapped so they can either keep all the goodness to themselves or spread it around their staff. The reusable windowed tin is packed with four of Milk Bar’s best-selling flavors, including the Compost, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, Confetti, and Chocolate Confetti Cookies—all of which are both delicious and a little bit decadent. 

6. For the Mother of the Bride or Groom: Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Artifact Uprising photo album
Credit: Artifact Uprising

Weddings can be hard on moms (if you’ve been there before, you know). A good many of them have been waiting for and dreaming of this day, but the ceremony also means that, in some sense, their little baby is even more grown up. Remind mom that she’ll always be number one with a beautifully bound customized layflat photo album from Artifact Uprising. Available in six different sizes and three different page counts, this book can be filled with photos from all the best days with Mom, from the day she gave birth to her first Mother’s Day to college graduation. Tuck a couple of selfies in the back from the run-up to the wedding to let her know that she’s always at the top of her mind. 

7. For the Father of the Bride or Groom: W&F Gift Wedding Handkerchief

Embroidered handkerchief
Credit: Amazon

If there’s a fact universally acknowledged about weddings, it’s that the bride or groom’s dad will probably cry. Sure, that kind of weepiness is often attributed to moms, but more than a few dads have been known to shed a tear or two—especially when they’re walking their formerly little girls down the aisle. Why not tuck a crisp white handkerchief into a sleeve or pocket and present it when the time arises? Amazon has plenty of fun embroidered options, from ones that say “father of the bride” to ones that remind the holder to “keep [their] stuff together!”

8. For the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen: Yeti Rambler Straw Mug

Yeti Rambler Straw mug
Credit: Amazon

These days, everyone’s trying to drink more water. That’s especially true the morning after a long night of boozy wedding revelry. Help everyone hydrate with a customized Yeti Rambler, which comes in eight great colors and holds up to 42 ounces of life-giving ice-cold water. This dishwasher-safe mug is cup-holder compatible for the ride home and has a reusable straw for when even tilting a cup back to drink is too much work for a tired, danced-out body. Take this wedding thank you gift to the next level by personalizing the cup with a set of initials, a monogram, or even a piece of clip art or a custom design for a creative touch. 

9. For the Bridesmen: Boy Smells Cedar Stack Candle

Boy Smells candle
Credit: Boy Smells

It’s not uncommon at modern weddings for a bride to have men in her wedding party or a groom to have women in his. If a bridesman is on the wedding thank you gift shopping list, opt for a fancy, long-burning Boy Smells candle. We’re partial to Cedar Stack, which is woodsy and mysterious while also kind of neutral. This is the kind of luxury item that a lot of men (and, let’s face it, women) might not buy for themselves on the regular but that they’ll really appreciate.

10. For the Groomswomen: Mark & Graham Travel Jewelry Case

Mark & Graham travel jewelry case
Credit: Mark & Graham

While it’s possible a groomswoman would like the same customized card holder we suggested gifting above, for something a little different—but still entirely personalized—we suggest the Mark & Graham Small Jewelry Travel Case. Available in an array of colors and patterns, these square, zip-up cases are made of pebbled vegan leather with a soft linen lining, and there are multiple compartments inside for holding earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. There’s even a little mirror. To up the luxury ante even more, these can be monogrammed, which makes a very fun and necessary travel addition feel a little more luxurious. 

11. For the Officiant: Papier Ampersand Notecard Set

Papier custom notecards
Credit: Papier

Whether the ceremony is officiated by a priest or a pal, it’s a nice gesture to slip them a little thank you gift, like these Papier personalized notecards. Custom stationery is the kind of thing that most people probably won’t ever buy themselves, but once they get it, they’ll never want to be without it again. There are a ton of different designs to choose from, including frolicking foxes, delicate bows, and plain old black and white, so there’s sure to be something that will fit the officiant just right.

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