How Grown and Flown and the Today Show Celebrated One Special Grad

Back in February, in the thick of the pandemic, Jeri Williamson, a mom of three turned to a Facebook group she had been a member of for several years, Grown and Flown Parents. Jeri is a single mom whose son Trenten, who is currently 18, was diagnosed with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 2.

Jeri and Trenton
Jeri and Trenten with Hoda and Jenna on TODAY

At the time of his diagnosis, his family was told that he would lucky if he made it to high school, never mind graduate from high school. But, Trenten defying all odds graduated high school and as an honor student, no less.

In her initial post, Jeri told the group that she wanted to make a graduation party for Trenten, but she had lost her job and finances were tight. She hoped that the group could help her figure out how to throw a graduation party on a tight, single-mom budget. be warned that what happened next will have you reaching for your the tissues.

Members of the group did not only send Jeri ideas for a low cost graduation party, they sent Trenten and Jeri money and gifts. Thanks to the group, Trenten had enough money to not only have what Jeri called “an amazing graduation party” but also to send him to prom.

Jeri posted in the group about Trenten attended graduation, the prom, and having a terrific graduation celebration. Each time she updated the group thousands of members cheered her on with supportive comments and reactions.

We are so excited for Jeri and Trenton and the whole family and are thrilled that the Today show picked up this unbelievable and inspiring story.

Jeri and Trenton are so grateful to the strangers who opened their hearts and wallets. said that this experience was life-changing. And in a comment to one of her posts in the the group, she said,

“Thank you so much. I am so humbled by all of your incredible kindness and genorisity! None of this would have been possible without each and every single one of you! My heart is full!”

Jeri Williamson

So are ours.

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