Dear Parents, Thank You for Helping Us Get Through Difficult Days

Dear Moms and Dads,

Thank you. We might not always show it, but we are so grateful for your selflessness in helping us get through these difficult days.

You have always been here for us but these times have forced you to shoulder even more of the burden. Sometimes we forget that you juggle your own challenging job with all of the household chores including the difficult task of keeping everyone fed.

College students may not always say it, but here are the things they want to thank their parents for. (Twenty20 @JulieK)

Here is what we are most thankful for

1. Thank you for being there for me in times of need

“Due to the physical and social isolation, COVID-19 has largely been a mental health journey. I went through episodes of loneliness, boredom, and anxiety. I struggled with finding purpose in my life. But during my most vulnerable moments, my mom was always there to listen, show empathy, and help me find a solution. I know I’m in a much better place than I otherwise would be because of her.” — Victor Li, senior at University of California, Los Angeles

2. Thank you for sending me care packages

“My mom sent me and my friends a care package for every holiday last fall. The little things like this really do make a difference in making me feel appreciated. I was a transfer student and receiving these packages truly made me so happy.” — Ally Williams, junior at University of California, Santa Barbara

3. Thank you for supporting me financially 

“I am thankful that my parents have provided me with financial support during this pandemic and that my mom always makes sure that the fridge is stocked with food. I am thankful that my parents still give me the freedom to live life despite the circumstances and while following CDC guidelines.” — Joelle Ballecer, senior at Arizona State University 

4. Thank you for welcoming me home for the holidays

“I am so lucky that my parents really did a lot in helping me get through this difficult time. They helped me take care of my puppy which I am very thankful for. Even though this would normally be a much different winter break, I am happy I got to spend more time with my family while staying at home.” — Irene Chen, senior at University of California, Santa Barbara 

5. Thank you for understanding how hard this is as a college student

“During the pandemic, my parents have been very mindful of my feelings and my mental health, and have been there to support me. They understand that these are unprecedented times so they give me space and time to process my thoughts and let me make my own decisions and try to guide me the best they can.

They encouraged me to put my mental health in front of academics and just want me to be happy and that takes a big burden off my shoulders.” — Amber Li, senior at Arizona State University 

6. Thank you for your unconditional kindness 

“I would like to thank my mom for being so understanding and kind to me, even when I complain about my online classes. She is always there to support me through all of the ups and downs of online school.” — Chi Nguyen, junior at Arizona State University 

7. Thank you for checking up on me to make sure I am okay

“For me, I’ve always dealt with struggles in my mental health; however, this has become even more prominent during the pandemic. I am so grateful for my parents being able to provide me with all the resources I needed to help address these concerns and for always checking in on me during a time where loneliness is something I have become accustomed to.” — Johnny Pineda, senior at University of California, Santa Barbara 

8. Thank you for cooking for me

“I’m thankful for my parents always cooking meals for me. I’m also thankful that they give me a quiet space to study for school and they always make an effort to create a quiet environment when I take tests so there are little distractions. Another thing I am grateful for is my parents made me feel at home and comfortable during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.” — Rebecca Li, senior at University of California, Berkeley 

9. Thank you for giving me space

“I am truly thankful that my parents gave me space to get my schoolwork done. I lived at home last quarter because my school work was online and I am very happy that my parents were super understanding that I was always busy with schoolwork. Another thing my parents did was that they would cook for me whenever I was stressed out, which was so helpful because online school can be overwhelming.” — Alise Cung, sophomore at University of California, Santa Barbara 

10. Thank you for your empathizing with me 

“The thing that I am most thankful for is my parents’ constant support and understanding during the pandemic.” — Madi Long, senior at Arizona State University

11.Thank you for staying positive

“I am thankful for my parents’ unconditional support and their willingness to make the best out of every situation at hand.” — Saskia Jacobson, junior at Arizona State University

During these tough times, we truly appreciate our parents. They have modeled selflessness, resilience and have truly led by example. Thank you for accepting us for who we are and understanding the immense challenges that come with being a college student during a pandemic. We really do appreciate it. 

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