Grown and Flown: A Destination for Parents of College Age Kids

Welcome to Grown and Flown, we are thrilled to have you here. Grown and Flown is a site, a bustling Facebook page, and an incredibly supportive community of over 8,000 parents of high school and college kids.

With experts and writers we have looked at the college years. Here are just a few examples of the writing we hope you will find helpful.

You get your college freshman ready to go, manage the drop off and drive back to an emptier home. Sure it’s hard not to cry and here are 6 Reasons Why Moms Cry When They Leave Their Kids at College.

The only good antidote to tears is laughing and this series of letters is the perfect respite: “Love, Mama,” A Letter to My Daughter Before Freshman Year.

Freshman year in college is full of challenges. Whether you are figuring out what your kid needs for the dorm room, how to plan for family weekend in the fall or are just worried about your college freshman, here is the advice you need.

We share some wise advice on how your kids can do well in college from Professor Offers Best Advice for College Freshmen to 9 Keys to College Success From the Experts.

It takes a lot more than just showing up to make a great Family Weekend. Here is how a little bit of planning can make it all go much more smoothly: Tips for the Best Parents’ Weekend.

Sure we worry when our kids are in college, but when really tragedy strikes her campus one writer talks about the feelings in Daughter at College: What Keeps Me Up at Night.

As our kids grow up there is much they want us to know, as one son explains in 4 Things Grown Sons Want Their Moms to Know.