How to Adopt a High School Senior: What Schools and Parents are Doing

We all feel terrible for the Class of 2020 and for everything they are missing out on this year. But, some schools are coming up with creative solutions.

One of the moms in Grown and Flown Parents, Alison Davis, posted in the group that her daughter’s high school in Clover, South Carolina decided to institute an “Adopt a Senior” program.

Via Alison Davis

Parents were given a form to fill out to give others ideas of their senior’s favorite things. The school created a Facebook page, “Adopt a Clover Senior Project” and parents were asked to post a short bio and pictures of their student. Parents were then asked to “adopt” a senior and arrange for a gift basket to be dropped off at that senior’s home.

Alison tells Grown and Flown that “People commented if they were adopting. Some kids were adopted more than once and the best thing about this is that, “it was a student in the junior class who organized it.” The adds that “This year has ended with so many disappointments, but Clover has come together to honor our 2020 graduates! We are so blessed!”

The student who organized it with her mom is Meg Stepko. Meg is working with the school to make sure that all kids are adopted.

And judging by what we see, many schools are following suit.

Sarah Smith, a mom from Virginia tell us that her school has a similar page for VA seniors. “I have adopted one. From the posts, it seems like it’s definitely been a positive experience for everyone during this tough time.”

Audrey Goodwin says, “We have it in my area-panhandle of FL. We have way more people waiting to adopt than we do seniors…I think we are over 400 adopted. It seems to be going well.”

Michele Gesling adds that “They’re doing this in our county in FL too. My son was adopted twice & received lunch yesterday from one of his “moms.” We did the same with our “adopted” SR class mate yesterday. It was the day of door dash deliveries.”

Kay Mann Thomas says “Our area has done this as well. It has exploded. Seniors are posted by their parent or another person if no parent is involved in Facebook and they are rarely on the page for more than a few hours before they are adopted by one or more people or families. It has been so heartwarming. Absolutely amazing. A local t-shirt shop has posted shirts for sale at a reduced rate to be purchased as gift.”

There is a national movement as well called National Adopt a 2020 Senior Project which already has more than 38 thousand members. The description of the group says,

Let’s all shower our seniors with some extra love. Adopt a senior or 2 or more… Send a letter, card, gift, gift card, snack, anything to let them know we’re all rooting for them. It’s a stressful time with cancelled proms and graduations postponed. Let’s share the love!

Let’s show these kids that we are thinking of them, supporting them and that we have not forgotten that this is their moment.

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