Why You Won’t Want to Miss, “A Fiancé For Christmas,” on Lifetime

As soon as one year’s holiday movies end, I anxiously wait for the next season’s movies to start. There’s something about turning on a feel-good movie that fills you with nostalgia and reminds you what this time of year is really all about. I try to stuff in as many as I can and my go-to channel for all my favorites is, Lifetime.

Of course, Lifetime has done it again this year; they always have a way of capturing the season. One of my favorite things to do now that the days are shorter is to curl up with my favorite blanket and tune in to their holiday movies. They are so inspiring and my entire family loves them. 

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Marie Osmond and Amanda Peyton star in A Fiancé for Christmas airing on Lifetime. (Photo by Lifetime)

The new Lifetime holiday movie holiday season has begun!

This season, Lifetime will kick off their holiday season right with their much anticipated It’s a Wonderful Lifetime, lineup of holiday movies. I got to get an early viewing of A Fiancé for Christmas, and I’m even more excited to watch all the others than I was before.

Lifetime is a sponsor of this post but the opinions are 100% my own.

A Fiancé For Christmas, starring Marie Osmond, Amanda Payton and Adam Gregory, airs on December 9th at 8pm ET, so be sure to mark your calendars because this is a must watch.

Without giving too much away, I’ll set the scene for you, but I have to tell you, this is one of those movies I’d watch again and again. 

The main character, Sawyer (played by Amanda Payton), is known for being married to her job. Not only does it affect her personal life, but it’s also starting to affect her job. So, in order to try and show everyone that she does have a good work-life balance, she makes a fake wedding registry after one of her friends convinces her it will help relieve some stress.

However, the seemingly meaningless registry gets found by her friends and they think she’s actually getting married and can’t wait to meet the lucky guy. Instead of coming clean, Sawyer goes along with it. Someone she just met by the name of Josh (played by Adam Gregory), gets pulled into it and agrees to pose as her fake fiancé and so, their story begins.

A Fiancé For Christmas isn’t only a memorable romantic story, it’s funny, witty, and the movie is full of great one-liners. It’s so cleverly written and it’s not only a beautiful story about romance and the holidays, Sawyer has wonderful friendships. She also has a complex relationship with her mother, who is played by Marie Osmond. (Osmond is hysterical in this movie and of course, looks amazing).

There is so much to relate to in this movie and it’s truly heartwarming. The plot thickens as the fake couple gets tied up in their story and you can’t stop watching to see what challenges they run into next and how they handle it. 

I love the Lifetime movies especially the sets, scenery and fashions

One of the reasons why I’ve always loved Lifetime movies is the scenery and sets are so beautiful. I love the decorations, the aesthetic, and the towns always look like places I’d love to visit. They give you a sense of home and community, which is a nice escape for everyone.

I’m also always inspired by fashion. I don’t think there wasn’t a scene during A Fiancé for Christmas when I didn’t say to myself, Oh, I want to find something like that.

Whether you are a fan of Lifetime movies or have never watched one, you must see A Fiancé for Christmas. But please don’t forget to tune into all the other Lifetime Christmas movies. They kicked off the season on November 12 and will be airing one every night until Christmas. You can view the entire schedule here.

Lifetime will truly make your holiday brighter. I’ve been enjoying their movies for years, and they just keep getting better. 

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