Lifetime Holiday Movies and Ice Cream: Our Favorite Pairings

You asked for it and we have obliged! Our It’s a Wonderful Lifetime holiday movie ice cream pairings for the season are here. Oh, and you better hurry and fill the freezer; the premiere is Friday, November 12th at 8:00 PM ET/PT followed by 30 new movies in 30 days, all in the same premiere time slot.

Marie Osmond and Amanda Peyton star in A Fiancé for Christmas airing on Lifetime. (Photo credit: Lifetime)

This is only a sampling of the munchies and movies…get creative!

It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday Movies Premiere on November 12 at 8PM ET

Peanut Butter Cup: If you aren’t digging to unearth the chunks of peanut buttery goodness, you are missing out. Just like love, the best parts may not be on the surface, making you work for it like a heroine looking to scare up a fake fiancé right before Christmas. Recommended with A Fiancé for Christmas which premieres on December 9th. Marie Osmond makes this one an even sweeter treat. 

Mint Chip: Mint Chip was created as an official dessert for Princess Anne’s wedding in 1973. Its regal roots make it ideal for some royal Christmas movie magic including the undercover Prince in Christmas with a Crown on December 8th.       

Salted Caramel: Caramel just makes everything better, the same way a Christmas festival can save a town and spark love. There is no shortage of town celebrations and new beginnings this year but It Takes a Christmas Village is a must on December 22nd.  

Cake Batter: Baking is part of the joy of Christmas and sneaking a taste from the mixing bowl like a kid is part of the experience at any age. Batter lovers will appreciate The Enchanted Christmas Cake on December 15th.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie: This decadent flavor says indulgence and you deserve it! Just like settling in for a little Christmas movie binge-watching, you can chalk it up to self-care! Start with Ghosts of Christmas Past on December 14th and watch Ellie make amends and open herself up to love.

Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland from The Brady Bunch are just two of the stars in Blending Christmas on Lifetime. (Photo credit: Lifetime)

Banana Split Ice Cream: If you like your ice cream with a smorgasbord of ingredients, then movies with blended families at the holidays are right up your alley. People Presents: Blending Christmas (December 12th) features an all-star ensemble cast with four former cast members of The Brady Bunch plus Haylie Duff.

Java Chip: Looking for something smooth and satisfying? What could be smoother than Smokey Robinson crooning his way through Miracle in Motor City on November 28th?

Tia Mowry and Smokey Robinson star in Miracle in Motor City on Lifetime. (Photo credit: Lifetime)

Strawberry: Poor strawberry is suffering from self-esteem issues as the perennial also-ran behind chocolate and vanilla. If only people would give strawberry a chance to prove itself! Characters down on their luck and looking for redemption abound this Christmas. Perfect for Candy Cane Candidate on Dec 20th.

Rum Raisin: You can fake being healthy by tossing some fruit around over the holidays but somehow the fruitcake will just never gain respectability. Raisin lovers can root for the characters as they save this misunderstood confection from extinction in Baking Spirits Bright on November 21st.

Butter Pecan: Christmas is a little nutty, amiright? Embracing the hustle and bustle is part of the magic but preparing for a baby amid the madness? Now that we must see! Enjoy Merry Liddle Christmas Baby on November 27th.

Diverse casts, beautiful locations, and a who’s who of guest stars make this season of It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movies a sundae-with-a-cherry-on-top-delight.

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