Go Be Amazing: 28 Things I Want My Son to Know Before He Leaves for College

Just a few days left for you to be under our roof, so here’s an open letter that you can’t misplace, can’t throw away and the ink will never fade.


First of all, we would like to tell you we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished in 18 years. You are level headed, your future is bright and your potential is limitless.

But here’s some advice we must share with you before you leave for college.

college boy
Here is the advice we have for our son as he leaves for college.

What We Want Our Son to Know as He Leaves for College

  1. Get enough sleep.
  2. Set your alarm clock (well, maybe 2 alarm clocks).
  3. Attend all of your classes.
  4. Study hard.
  5. Stick to your goals and keep your GPA high.
  6. If you struggle with a class, talk to your professor and ask for help.
  7. Eat healthy.
  8. Exercise regularly.
  9. Be engaged in class (sit in the front row).
  10. Get involved on campus (attend games, the arts, music and social gatherings).
  11. Don’t skip the opening band, once Bono was part of the opening band & then there was U2…need I say more.
  12. Be honest & true to who you are.
  13. Be a good friend, laugh alot & be a great listener.
  14. Respect yourself and others.
  15. Mid-terms and Finals will be stressful…but use that as a motivational tool, because son you got this!
  16. Use common sense, don’t go out alone, you will be living in new city, stay safe.
  17. Trust your strong moral compass. Independence comes with rewards and responsibilities.
  18. Protect your valuables, especially your social security number do not give it out.
  19. It may be tempting but do not apply for a credit card, just shred all the offers you get in the mail (we’ve already shredded at least a dozen for you).
  20. Pay cash, you can establish credit later in life.
  21. Remember you are 18, not 21, so do not drink the punch, trust me it is not punch. Drinking age is 21!
  22. Remember there will be consequences when you make bad decisions.
  23. Beware of social media it will haunt you, “Oh, nice photo of you doing a keg stand,” said no future employer ever.
  24. Mom & Dad have had many life experiences, call us if you want our advice.
  25. We will give you emergency money, Starbucks is clearly not an emergency.
  26. Anytime day or night, you can text, call or Skype your parents & little brothers, we really miss you (your mom is stocking up on waterproof mascara) and we can’t wait to hear about all your firsts in college…first class, first football game, first time you vote, first A…
  27. Keep God in your life by engaging in prayer (even if it’s just saying a little something to God in your head).
  28. We don’t know if the world is ready for you, but we know that you have always been ready for the world.

Now, go be amazing!

Love you always,

Mom & Dad

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Yvette Reyna headshotYvette Reyna is a wife and mother of 3 boys (ages 6 – 21) and Director of Communications for Great Hearts Texas Public Charter Schools.

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