Dorm Room Shopping: 50 Questions to Answer First

Stop. Slide that credit card back in your wallet and set down that dorm room shopping laundry list. Yes, you are facing the mother of all back-to-school shops. And, yes it seems like your freshman needs a million insanely expensive things. But before you wander through the endless (and, we promise you, they are endless) […]

March of the Juniors

Every year around this time I have a talk about stress and anxiety with my junior year A.P. students. Most of these students are your typical high achievers. They have been working toward college for as long as they can remember. Many of the juniors know where they will apply, and have known the grades […]

AP Courses: Parents’ Perspective

It was a simple question, not one we thought would elicit much discussion,  “AP courses: Please share your kids’ experiences and what impact they had in college admissions and/or college credit/placement.” Our question was in response to a piece by our friend, the author and educator Jess Lahey, published on The New York Times Motherlode, entitled […]