The UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year: A Review

The two monumental changes in our families, the moment our children arrive and when they leave, are marked with great emotion, some confusion, a feeling that life is about to change forever and a long list of things to buy. When our kids were born we read through well-thumbed guides looking for both information and […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Close While You Grow Apart

College kids and young adults communicate and share more with their parents than in past generations. Some of this is the changing relationship between the generations and some of it is technology. Research shows our children are happier to talk with us and more comfortable sharing information about their friends, relationships and finances than we […]

The “Sibling Factor” in College Choice

High school seniors are influenced by many factors when selecting a college to attend but new research suggests an additional influence: siblings. Researchers from Harvard* found that an older sibling’s college choice had a measurable impact on younger kids in the house, particularly if the siblings were the same gender, close in age and academic […]