This IS Every College Freshman’s Worst Nightmare

So isn’t this everyone’s nightmare? In fact, even though I graduated from college 32 years ago, this is still one of my recurrent nightmares, along with the one about completely forgetting that I have even taken the class.

Not only did UT freshman Ann Mark forget the blue book she needed for her exam, she then raced to the wrong room to take the final.

“For those of you who don’t know a Blue Book is what you need to write a friggin essay. You have to go and buy special papers so that your professor can read it because apparently they are illiterate whoever you write on notebook paper…okay”

And when she realized that she was in the wrong place she sprinted to what she thought was the correct place only to find out that Hogg room and Hogg auditorium are NOT one and the same.

Someone standing in line at the wrong building asked her if she had Google Maps? “Yea, I have Google Maps and it says it’s a 4 minute walk but it better be a 1 minute sprint ’cause I have 60 seconds left.”

I caught up with Ann and asked her how she stayed calm enough to run to get a blue book, run to the wrong room, literally run into a window, and then dash to the right room all before sitting for the test.  Her answer, “I have a very determined spirit.”

Suffice it to say, this freshman has probably learned her lesson about getting to know where your exam is well before the exam. And no experience would be complete without a tweet. Ann Mark recounted her adventures in a tweet that has gone viral with over thousands of retweets, comments and likes and even one offer to provide her with enough blue books for the next four years.

Her advice for other students? “Always keep a blue book in your backpack.”

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