Our Teens Have Discovered “Friends” and We Love It!

My son likes to order things on Amazon through my account and give me the money. Since he’s thirteen, I’m okay with this because he’s responsible about it.

I got the sweetest note from him the other day when I returned from my run. It said, “Mom, I ordered some things including a new sweatshirt on Amazon and wanted you to know.” Next to his note, was a wad of cash. By wad, I mean all of his birthday money.

(Friends was available on Netflix from 2015-2019. Here’s where you can see it now.)

When I checked to see what he ordered, it was everything Friends. I had no idea he was a fan and double checked with him to make sure that was intentional.

My Teens Love Friends

My fourteen-year-old daughter has also been plugged into the show, and I’ve seen lots of merchandise at stores (Pottery Barn as an entire collection) but I have to admit something: I thought it was for people my age.

You know, the Gen-Xers who grew up watching this on Thursday nights with a group of friends in their dorm room or apartment. I have even been tempted to purchase a Friends t-shirt myself more than once. The show was so entertaining with (what I believe) to be some of the best writing ever and  thinking about it takes me back to a really wonderful time in my life.

It kept me happy during my early to late twenties. Every Thursday night, I knew I’d be laughing and feeling at home. The last episode aired when my first born was one, and I literally cried for two days. I’d never been so sad to see a show go and there hasn’t been anything that can compare since.

I’ve watched every episode a few times over with my kids and they get the humor. It never gets old. It’s no surprise the “retro” show is back in full force. I love the fact this gem isn’t lost on our kids.

Not only are they wearing all the Friends paraphernalia, they are throwing Friends themed parties and I can’t get enough.

What Moms Say About their Teens’ Love of Friends

family on Friends couch
This family loves Friends. (Photo credit-Natalie Carver)

I mean, it took me a minute to realize this was a fad and my children weren’t the only Friends-crazed kids out there. One mother to teenage girls told me,

It’s big right now…I bought my daughter a shirt from Target. There are some cute Friends aprons at Bed Bath & Beyond, too.

As soon as I heard that, I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond because who doesn’t need a Friends apron in their life?

Another friend told me how excited her daughter is about this trend because she’s been watching the show almost her whole life thanks to her mom,

My 19 year old daughter is thrilled that Friends is having a moment, because she has watched the show EVERY SINGLE DAY since the third grade.

Not only is Friends fashion in right now, so is the decor. One mom said,

My 19 year-old daughter has a Friends shirt and loves the show. I bought her the yellow frame on Monica’s door – she has it in her dorm!

Yeah, I’m going to need that too. Talk about nostalgia.

Last year for Christmas, it was what all the teens wanted which made things easy. “My niece is almost 16 and I bought her a Friends sweatshirt for Christmas,” said one fan.

And we love how you can get some of our favorite saying on clothing, too. One mom told us,

My son’s girlfriend has a Friends hoodie she wears all the time. One of the things in the stocking I got her is a tee-shirt that says, ‘They Don’t Know We Know They Know We Know’ in the Friends font with the colored dots between words like the logo.

That might have been one of my favorite episodes. Let’s add that to our cart too, shall we?

Did you know there was a game? I certainly didn’t. Another mom let me in on it saying,

Friends is bigger now than ever I feel. I love it! We don’t go a day in our house without multiple Friends references. I just ordered the trivia game...so excited to play.

There’s nothing more rewarding than having some bonding time with your teen. We all know those moments are few and far between. But, with a show we loved being so popular with our kids, it’s easier to connect.

So, pop some popcorn, throw on some old Friends episodes, or hit the aisles of your favorites stores with your kids in search of Friends attire. There is really no better way to say, “I’ll be there for you.”

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