There’s a Woman Standing Behind You. Do You See Her?

There’s this woman standing behind you.

Do you see her?

She is always there, even when you think she is not.

She’s typically lurking, in a good way, making her presence known, without bombarding you.

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I stand behind my daughter like my mother stood behind me. (kateelizabeth via Twenty20)

I Stand Behind My Daughter Like My Mother Does For Me

There’s this woman behind standing behind you.

Do you see her?

She’s been behind you from the very beginning.

She gave you life, and now she, almost magically, is always nearby as you’re living it.

There’s this woman standing behind you.

Do you see her?

Somehow and in some way, she’s consistently been there every time you have needed her.

Diaper Change?

No problem.


There you go.


It’s her pleasure.


She enjoys them just as much as you.


She’ll willing give it up to ensure you get some.

There’s this woman standing behind you.

Do you see her?

She once showed you how to roll over, sit, eat, stand, walk, and talk.

These days she’s making sure you have values, morals, your backpack and that you don’t forget your lunch.

She’s volunteering in your classroom and driving you to practice.

She’s helping with homework and washing your clothes.

She’s reading to you and is attentive while you read to her.

She’s looking at you while looking out for you.

She’s listening to you and modeling for you how to listen to others.

She’s working every day at being a better her with the hope that such will foster a better you.

She’s been at this since you were a baby and she won’t stop.


There’s this woman standing behind you.

Do you see her?

I hope that you do.

Mothers deserve to be seen because they are the most beautiful selfless creatures that roam this planet.

There’s this woman standing behind you.

It’s your mother.

She’s standing behind you because her mother has always and continues to stand behind her.

There’s this woman standing behind you.

Do you see her?

There’s this woman standing behind me, and I see her.

I’ll never stop noticing her.

Thanks to her, my kids see both her and me.

And because they have the two of us standing behind them, they humbly, happily and confidently experience life and spread love in the process.

There’s this woman standing behind me.

It’s my mom, and we like to call her Gramys.

There’s this woman standing behind you.

It’s me, your mom and I’ll never leave this spot.

Because, my mom, well, she never left hers.

It’s been suggested that parents should walk beside you and not behind you, but here’s the thing —

As your mother, I will happily walk beside you every gosh darn day of this amazing life we get to live together. But, if I am not beside you at any given moment, you can guarantee that my tired old carcass is right behind you offering you strength and support because while I am letting you lead, I’ve always got your back.

Just like my amazing mother does for me.

There’s this woman standing behind you and if you look closely, another woman behind her.

Do you see them?

What a lucky duck you are to have such a powerful backing.

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