Back-to-School Covid Checklist: 40 Items That Keep Moms Up at Night

This year is like no other and here are some things that keep this mom up at night.

17. Fight the urge to call him every day. Maybe set up a weekly call, instead.

40 Things On Mom’s Covid Checklist

  1. Read all Covid info on the university website.
  2. Write down all unanswered questions.
  3. Be nice.
  4. Attend webinar by university dean re: Covid protocols for fall.
  5. Son doesn’t care. Why should I?
  6. Get HIPAA consent form from son (Iowa? Minnesota?).
  7. Get Medical Power of Attorney from son (Iowa? Minnesota?).
  8. Oh, God. Will I have to use these forms in the next few months?
  9. If son gets ill, husband will drive to get him and bring him home to recover here. Son agrees.
  10. What if son doesn’t get tested, because he is too busy?
  11. What if University Health Service runs out of tests? Where does he go? How does he get to testing site?
  12. Is it safe to take Uber?
  13. How long does it take Iowa to process Covid tests?
  14. What symptoms does son need to be aware of to prompt him to get a test? Make a list for him.
  15. Would it be overkill to call him every day to check in?
  16. Be patient.
  17. Fight the urge to call him every day. Maybe set up a weekly call, instead.
  18. Is a week between calls too long for Covid detection?
  19. If son gets sick, should he drop the remainder of the semester classes? Can he get his tuition refunded?
  20. When does the university allow a sick student to return to class?
  21. Meditate daily.
  22. Walk in to son’s empty bedroom. Sit on his nicely made bed with clean sheets. Breathe deeply. Inhale his absence.
  23. If son’s roommate gets sick: Be as helpful as possible to the roommate, whose parents are in California.
  24. Move son out of apartment into AirBnb or motel.
  25. Husband moves in with son.
  26. I move in with son.
  27. Both move in with son and find pet-friendly AirBnb for Daisy.
  28. Son lives alone while roommate recovers.
  29. Son gets Covid test 4 to 5 days after roommate is diagnosed.
  30. University policy recommends son stay in quarantine with sick roommate for ten to fourteen days or until both test negative.
  31. Son and roommate take classes online until end of quarantine.
  32. How long does Covid last? On average?
  33. Are you meditating? Are you breathing deeply?
  34. Who helps roommate and son while they are in quarantine? Groceries, laundry? Will they need parental help?
  35. Check AirBnb and VRBO availability in city for September, October, November. Also extended-stay hotels.
  36. What if professors decide to hold their classes only online? Should son drop the course?
  37. If the university closes and goes only online, do we ask son to come home?
  38. Son is not afraid. Why am I?
  39. Have I told son how much I love him?
  40. Have I told my son I trust him and I know he’ll make the right decisions? Do I believe this?

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