She Lost the CBS News “Note to Self” Contest But Won Something Much Better

A couple of months ago I entered a submission to CBS This Morning’s Note To Self contest.  Two producers reached out to me about my submission. Though my entry wasn’t the final one chosen, those conversations led to CBS asking my son and me if we would be willing to do an interview and talk about our journey with depression, a story that I wrote about on Grown and Flown here.

CBS This Morning will broadcast Our Journey With Depression on July 3 in the 8AM news hour.

Note to Self contest

Here is my original submission for Note to Self:

You may not have everything you want but you will always have everything you need.

Wear your seatbelt – no matter what. You were very fortunate you climbed out of that totaled car and walked away.

When you won Miss Congeniality in the teen beauty pageant, you were disappointed. It will take years for you to understand that wasn’t the consolation prize that was the Real Prize.

In high school you’ll think you are in love – when he is furious, shoves you and screams “No one will ever love you the way I do!” Believe him and run – you are entering dangerous territory. A real man doesn’t want to control you or compete with you – he wants you to shine!

Be glad Mom drilled into your head that you had to be able to support yourself first before you could get married. “Stay because you want to, not because you have to.”

Always follow your heart – it’s the reason you got married after knowing him for just 6 months. You listened, and it’s been 28 years.

Those 2 boys will be your heart and soul. You weren’t sure about having two because you thought you could never love another child like you loved your first one. Love isn’t finite; love expands…

When your son asks “Mom, can we talk?” stop everything and listen – it’s important!

Now go out there and help other young women understand the value of self-worth and the payoff of “going for it!”


Mom, Can We Talk?

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Through her writing and work as a mental health advocate, Tracy Hargen shows people the importance of talking openly about difficult issues and getting help. Her family’s very personal journey with depression can be found on CBS This Morning. Look for her work on Grown and Flown and in the book Grown and Flown: How To Support Your Teen, Stay Close As A Family and Raise Independent Adults.

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