When I Open My Mouth, My Mom Comes Out and 19 Other Things I’ve Learned

I’ve been a mom for nearly twenty years, and in that time, I’ve learned some truths that I thought I would share.

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Some things I’ve learned in my twenty years as a mom. (Twenty20 @nataliazera)
  1. When I open my mouth, my mom comes out. Almost always.
  2. My kids made it to college without eating an organic diet.
  3. My kids made it to college even though I let them watch TV starting at 1.
  4. I yelled even when I tried hard not to.
  5. No matter their age, I still sleep my best when my kids are under my roof.
  6. There’s never been anything better than hearing my kids laugh.
  7. I will never forget my kid’s Kindergarten teacher.
  8. I have never regretted volunteering for field trips; those opportunities don’t last forever.
  9. There are many days parenting sucks. And many days, it’s awesome.
  10. Somehow, I managed to survive the third-grade recorder.
  11. My kids eventually learned to use the potty. Yours will too.
  12. Honesty has almost always been the best strategy.
  13. Life was better when I stopped comparing my parenting skills and my children. I am enough. They are enough.
  14. Each time I failed, I got back up again. Resilience is a valuable lesson that we all need to learn.
  15. Teaching my kids how to do their laundry before going to college was good for them and me.
  16. That day my kids cut their hair and painted the walls with toothpaste; one day, years later, it proved funny.
  17. The middle school years sucked.
  18. It’s important to give back.
  19. Volunteers are PARENTS WHO VOLUNTEER. Without pay. Out of the goodness of their hearts. Treat them accordingly.
  20. Every stage is challenging. Every stage is pretty wonderful, too. (Except I stand by middle school years suck).

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