Grown and Flown: A Destination for Parents of High School Kids

Welcome to Grown and Flown, we are thrilled to have you here. Grown and Flown is a site , a bustling Facebook page , and an incredibly supportive community  of over 8,000 parents of high school and college kids.

With advice from experts and insight from other parents, we have taken a close look at the high school years. Here are just a few examples of the essays we hope you will find helpful.  

In Dear Mom of High School Freshman, we look at some of the dos and don’ts of 9th grade with an emphasis on course selection, friendships and some of the tough talks parents need to have with their kids once they are firmly in high school.

Consulting with experts, we like to bring you some of the latest science and research to help us all be better parents. Here we take a look at The Teenage Brain and how we can better understand our kids and their approach to risk.

An expert teacher shares her hard-won advice on how parents can be supportive in helping their kids move towards independence. In a year-by-year guide of high school, here is how to walk the line between helping your young teen and doing too much. Want to Help Your Kid In High School? One Teacher Shows How

This is it, senior year, the final year with our children living at home. It’s easy to let time slip through your fingers with high school seniors who are so busy in the fall with school and college applications and, in the spring, with saying goodbye. Last Call List for Senior Year recognizes that you have 365 days left until your teen moves out; we show you how to make this one of life’s most memorable years.

The single hardest thing about senior year is knowing that saying goodbye to our high school kids is upon us. If you have ever wondered why it hurts so much (we want them to go to college, after all) the answers are here.Why Letting Go Hurts: Knowing My Sons A Little Less

You may have never written your teen a letter, but now it is time to start. Going to college is one of life’s biggest moments and here is one of the ways to tell your son or daughter just how much this means to you – Writing Your College Senior That Perfect Letter  It is awfully hard not to cry when saying goodbye to your college freshman but this letter will say it all.

When going to college, kids leave their families and their beloved dogs behind. This is a look at saying Goodbye to the Family Dog

As the year end approaches a Great Graduation Gift might be on your mind. We have got you covered.

Finally you are about to embark on the most expensive back to school shopping trip ever. Let us help you save time and money as you start dorm shopping. Here are the Top 12 Dorm Shopping Mistakes you want to avoid.