A Teacher Pays It Forward and Tells Us the Inspirational Story Through His TikTok

For everyone who knows that teachers are unsung heroes, even in normal times, this is a story for you. And, for everyone who has resisted jumping feet first into the endless world of TikTok, this is also a story for you. 

Earlier this week, Tim, a teacher who goes by the handle @milkisoda, posted a video in the app thanking Mr. Chase, his high school English teacher for not only inspiring him, but for teaching him the ultimate life lesson of how to care for others. It caught our eye as well as the eyes of almost two million other viewers. #truestory #teachersoftiktok

High School teacher inspired his student

In less than 30 seconds, Tim acts out a few scenes set to upbeat music and captions to pay his tribute:

Mr. Chase:

“Why aren’t you at Senior Breakfast?”


“It was like $25? I couldn’t pay for it!”

Mr. Chase:

“Alright, homeroom is cancelled. Come outside Tim…:”


“Wait, where are we going?”

Mr. Chase:

“We’re going on a spontaneous field trip!”

At their breakfast, Tim explains that Mr. Chase spent time talking with him about what he wanted to do after graduating, encouraging him to go to college and most importantly, to always inspire others. Not only was he generous with his wisdom, but Tim recalls that Mr. Chase also paid for their meal, a small gesture that left a big impression.

All these years later, Tim is a teacher. He is that teacher. The one who buys snacks and lunches for his students who don’t have money. The one who makes a TikTok video to say thank you to the man who inspired him from the very beginning.

And, a story like this deserves nothing more than a happy ending. Thanks to Tim’s original video going viral, he was able to reconnect with Mr. Chase. We couldn’t have written it better if we scripted it ourselves.

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