Zoom, It’s Not Just For Work: 30 Fun Activities Families Can Do Online

At first we had no idea how we were going to stay connected. Then we discovered that there were, in fact, many ways to interact even if we could not physically be together. We started Skyping, FaceTiming and Zooming with friends and family

We celebrated Zoom birthday celebrations…book clubs….and those ubiquitous happy hours. But now that we’ve settled into this new reality, we are looking for ways to up the ante. 

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Families are finding lots of entertainment online via Zoom. (Twenty20 @Pinningnarwhals)

Fun online activities

Jackbox Games

If you buy them on your computer you can share a screen in Zoom and everybody can play. Each player uses their phone as a “joystick.” There are many games to choose from. 

Trivia Games

A lot of people suggested using Kahoot for your trivia games.


Nothing needed but your imagination. One of the great things about playing charades is that you barely need any materials to get a game going, and you can play with as many people as you want. Just gather your friends together over Zoom, choose your teams, and consult with each other in individual chats to get the rounds going.


Here are some directions on how to play Bunco virtually.

Beer and wine tastings. Exchange a few unique craft beers either by mailing them or dropping off at the end of the driveway. Then Zoom live tastings together.

If you prefer, there are places that are doing online wine tastings. You will get a delivery and description of wines together with tips for the evening. Then you join the conference call and have a blast learning about wine.

Look up your favorite winery and see what they’ve got going on.


Here is just a small sampling of games you can play online.

Ticket to Ride 










Card Games  

Any of these games can be played with or without Zooming or FaceTiming with the group you’re playing with. If you FaceTime, as I have done while playing, it can feel very close to being in the same room.

Canasta Junction

Real MahJong

All Bad Cards



Talent Show

Select a panel of judges and then Zoom with others and let everyone give you a taste of their talent.

Game shows

Family Feud 


Exercise classes 

There are many exercise instructors who would be more than happy to lead a group online. Gather a group of friends and hire an instructor to walk you through a class.

Cook/Bake together

Find someone to lead a cooking or baking class. They can send out directions and ingredients beforehand. 

Escape the Room

Escape the virtual room

365 Escape

A few miscellaneous ideas

Sharon N. tells us that her family did a “Riff off” where the organizer says a word like “night” and each person has to sing the lines of a song with that word in it. Once someone couldn’t think of a song, the word changed.

Mary F. says her sister did a virtual 80’s murder mystery-complete with costumes and it was a blast.

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