How to Plan a Stay-at-Home Girls’ Weekend With Your Daughter

Do you have a daughter who will be home for an extended winter break? Are you looking for a way to do something special together while staying safe? Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to have fun at home.

By planning a DIY girls’ weekend, you can still create great memories with your daughter and possibly even start a new tradition.

How to plan a girls weekend with your daughter. Note: this photo is from 2 years ago and my mother will not be part of the mix until it is safe to invite her to join us. (Laura Catherine Hanby Hudgens)

What you need for an at-home girls’ weekend

1. Find your special spot

A DIY girls’ weekend can happen anywhere–even where there are guys. The important thing isn’t the place. It’s setting aside the time. So, claim your family’s living room or set up camp in one of the bedrooms. Just find a place where you and the other women in your inner circle can settle in, get comfy, and have fun. 

2. Buy matching pajamas

Every year for my family’s Girls’ Weekend, I buy matching pajamas for my mother, my daughters, and me. Target, Old Navy, and Kohl’s all carry cozy and affordable options. For maximum coziness these fleece pajamas get rave reviews. Or these tie dye pj’s are also super fun. For overall softness and comfort Hannah Andersson can’t be beat. But personally, I am always a sucker for anything monogrammed.

3. Have plenty of snacks

Of course the best part of any girls’ weekend is the food. But who wants to cook when you are spending time with your girls? So order takeout and stock up on junk food. Of course, good chocolate is essential, maybe some cookies or cake too. And you’ll definitely want some salty snacks like potato chips or popcorn. Just remember the cardinal rule of a successful girls’ weekend is not counting calories. 

4. Plan on pampering

Sadly, I have never treated my daughters (or myself) to a spa weekend–maybe someday. But in the meantime, there are plenty of at-home pampering options. A girls weekend is a great time for face masks–not the pandemic kind–the luxurious, skin nourishing kind. A DIY girls’ weekend is also a great time for DIY manicures. Finally, warm up and de-stress with these lavender-scented heat packs for your neck and shoulders. 

5. Consider Crafting

As a rule, I’m not very crafty. But there is something about hanging out with my daughters and my mother around the holidays that inspires me.My one go-to handiwork is knitting. It relaxes me, and since I never knit anything terribly complicated, it’s easy to do while watching a movie or chatting with my family. Learning to knit is simple, and it can be the perfect craft to do over a relaxing girls’ weekend. Who knows? You might even whip out a Christmas gift or two. Or if you feel like getting really creative, one of these 75 Christmas crafting options or some of these super cute everyday crafts. Of keep it really simple with this candle making kit or this funky bracelet making kit. 

6. Try retail therapy

Some women get away for a weekend during the holidays to Christmas shop or to hit the after-Christmas sales. But even if you and your girls never leave the couch, you can still hit the stores. Be sure everyone has their computer or device and a charger, and spend some time together browsing some of your favorite sites. And just because you are shopping online, doesn’t mean you can’t support small  businesses. Even if they don’t have a website, check with your favorite local stores’ social media pages. Ask if you can call in or text your order. And sites like Uncommon Goods and Etsy are excellent sources for unique items from independent sellers. 

7. Watch movies

There are so many wonderful holiday movies to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. Check out this list of holiday classics or grab a spoon and some ice-cream and check out these Lifetime movies. Or if you are getting together after the holidays, try any of these classic chick flicks.

The perfect girls’ weekend doesn’t’ have to mean getting away or even going out. You just need some cozy pjs, delicious food, a few fun ideas, and, most important, women you can laugh with! 

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