Innovative, Unique and Memorable Promposal Ideas for Everyone

Prom has become a huge part of high school, starting with the promposal. This might have been a boy asking a girl to the big event at one time, but now it is so much more than that.

Boys ask whomever they want to take, and girls do the same. And the asking has gone from a quiet conversation to the kick-off to the big event. Here are some great ideas for those looking for romance, a light-hearted moment, or a shared love of sports. 

So many great promposal ideas. (Photo credit Lorianne DiSabato at Flickr)

Great ideas for a winning promposal

For the Romantic 

Romantic promposals can create a special moment. These will make a heartfelt and memorable impression.

  1. Candle Lit Pathway: Create a pathway of candles leading to a spot where you wait with a sign asking them to prom.
  2. Sunset Beach Picnic: Arrange a beach picnic at sunset and write “Will You Go to Prom With Me?” in the sand. This works for oceans and lakes. 
  3. Starry Night Proposal: Set up a telescope for stargazing and then reveal a sign under the stars asking your hopeful to prom.
  4. Memory Lane: Create a walk down memory lane using photos and memories of you two, going back through childhood if you can, and ending with a promposal.
  5. Balloon Surprise: Fill their room, locker, or car with balloons, and in one special balloon, put the promposal note.
  6. Movie Theater Magic: If possible, arrange with a local theater to show your promposal on the big screen before a movie. Or maybe an usher can hold up a sign before or after the show. 
  7. Romantic Scavenger Hunt: Send them on a scavenger hunt with romantic clues leading to your promposal.
  8. Serenade Them: Surprise them with a guitar or piano serenade, ending with the promposal in the lyrics. If your friends are musical, involve some of them with multiple instruments or singing a song. 
  9. Favorite Book Scene: Recreate a scene from your favorite romance novel or movie, culminating in your promposal.
  10. Personalized Puzzle: Give them a custom-made puzzle that reveals your promposal when completed. These can be created or ordered. 
  11. Message in a Bottle: A “message in a bottle” promposal can be a charming touch if you’re near a body of water.
  12. Artistic Expression: Create a painting or a sketch, ask them to prom, and present it as a gift. Go big with a huge poster board. 
  13. Dinner Date Surprise: Take them out to a nice dinner and have the waiter bring the promposal written on a platter or menu.
  14. Garden of Flowers: Set up a beautiful garden scene with their favorite flowers and a sign popping the question.
  15. Romantic Balloon Ride: Propose in a hot air balloon (or just in front of one if a ride isn’t feasible). This is a BIG budget item. 
  16. Love Poem: Write them a love poem that ends with your promposal.
  17. Flash Mob: Organize a flash mob with friends and family to surprise them with a dance, ending in your promposal.
  18. Customized Playlist: Create a playlist with songs that have special meaning to both of you and the last track is a recording of your promposal.

For a good laugh

Does your date have a good sense of humor? Here are some ideas that are just fun.

  1. Foodie Request: Spell out “Prom?” using their favorite food, like pizza toppings, candy, or sushi rolls.
  2. Movie Marquee: If you can access a marquee or a letter board, set it up to read, “I’d be the happiest person at the movies if you’d go to prom with me.”
  3. Pet Proposal: If they love animals, use a pet (yours, theirs, or a borrowed one) with a sign around its neck asking, “Will You Go to Prom With Me?”
  4. Science Nerd Ask: Use a periodic table to spell out “P-R-O-M?” or create a fun science experiment that reveals the promposal.
  5. Meme Magic: Create a custom meme that asks them to prom, featuring a favorite character or inside joke.
  6. Treasure Hunt: Set up a mini treasure hunt with clues leading to you holding a sign asking them to prom.
  7. Balloon Pop: Fill balloons with confetti and a note inside one that asks, “Pop a balloon. Will you pop up at prom with me?”
  8. Chalk Art Proposal: Create a sidewalk chalk masterpiece that pops the big question.
  9. Coffee Cup Caper: If they love coffee, write the promposal on a coffee cup and give it to them at their favorite coffee shop.
  10. Bookworm’s Bliss: If they love reading, use book titles to create a message asking them to prom.
  11. Fortune Cookie Fun: Replace a fortune in a fortune cookie with a slip that reads, “Your fortune says you’re going to prom with me!”
  12. Costumed Capers: Dress in a silly costume and hold a sign asking them to prom.
  13. Magical Method: Perform a simple magic trick where the final reveal is a promposal.
  14. Board Game Bonanza: Customize a board game that ends with the question, “Will you play at prom with me?”
  15. Cartoon Connection: Draw a cute cartoon or comic strip that ends with the promposal. Artificial Intelligence can now create this for you at no cost. 

For the Athlete or Sports Lover

  1. Baseball Field Message: Use a baseball field to spell out “Prom?” with bases or in the outfield grass.
  2. Stadium Scoreboard: If possible, arrange to display a message on a stadium scoreboard during a game.
  3. Jersey Customization: Gift them a jersey from their favorite sports team with the word “Prom?” on the back.
  4. Sports Game Ticket: Present them with a fake ticket to a sports game, but with the details of the promposal.
  5. Basketball Hoop Surprise: Hang a sign on a basketball hoop that reads, “I’d be nothing but net at prom if you’d go with me!”
  6. Golf Course Quest: Arrange a mini-golf course with the final hole leading to your promposal.
  7. Soccer Goal Celebration: After scoring a goal during a game or practice, reveal a shirt or sign asking them to prom. Make sure that your coach is OK with this and that you score!
  8. Tennis Match Message: Spell out “Prom?” with tennis balls on the court.
  9. Hockey Puck Plea: Customize a hockey puck with a promposal message and present it to them.
  10. Running Race Reveal: Hold up a sign with your promposal at the end of a track race.
  11. Volleyball Set-Up: Write your promposal on a volleyball and toss it to them.
  12. Surfboard Invitation: If you’re near the beach, use a surfboard to write your promposal. 
  13. Cycling Challenge: Go on a bike ride to a scenic spot where you pop the prom question.
  14. Swimming Pool Plunge: Place waterproof letters in a swimming pool spelling out your invitation.
  15. Bowling Alley Bonanza: Arrange with a bowling alley to have the pins set up to spell “Prom?”
  16. Skate Park Stunt: Perform a skateboarding trick with a sign or shirt that asks them to prom.
  17. Ski Slope Sign: Use a sign at the bottom of a slope or the ski lift during a ski trip.
  18. Rock Climbing Request: At the top of a climbing wall, have a sign or banner asking them to prom. Or go on a climb together and ask them at the top.

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