Funny Relatable TikTok Accounts for Moms of Teens

When I first downloaded TikTok at the start of the pandemic, I assumed it was a silly app where kids danced. But I was intrigued because a lot of my friends were on it.

Since then, I have realized that tons of adults and parents are on TikTok. With over one billion users worldwide, watching TikTok has become a very popular pastime. Plus, one of the best features of TikTok is the For You Page, which is specifically made for each user and has an algorithm that accurately (most of the time) shows the user the types of videos they enjoy.

10 funny TikTok accounts for parents of teens

1. Kirsten Warner  

Kirsten Warner is a 50-year-old mom of two teens, from Colorado. She posts relatable mom content centered around having teenagers. Coupled with the fact that she is a life coach for women and enjoys personal growth, some of her clips are motivational and inspiring.

A few common trends within her posts are ways to improve one’s mood and things that are common feelings for parents of teenagers. Additionally, she posts about things people who are a part of Gen X can understand.

2. Mammy Banter

Located in Northern Ireland, @mammybanter has tons of viral videos that any mom of teens can relate to! She reenacts common scenarios of her conversations with her teens which are hilarious. She loves comically mimicking her children and does a great job of portraying how teenagers truly act. 

3. kayy_nas

@kayy_nas is famous for her reenactments of the oldest, middle, and youngest siblings’ reactions to things. She also does funny scenarios of how moms versus dads act in certain situations. Likewise, she does reenactments of teachers and school nurses

4. The Amy Sloan


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♬ original sound – The Amy Sloan

Amy is a mom of four from Indiana and posts hysterical TikToks of how her teen daughter acts. She mimics how teens siblings interact with each other. Her clips portray the reality of having an overdramatic teen.

5. Darryl Prendergast


Why don’t the parenting books warn you about this? 😣 #raisingteenageboys #momofteenageboys #raisingteenagers

♬ original sound – iamwillwb

This TikToker claims to be a “sarcastic and fun Xennial mom of 2!” She posts about common struggles of parents of adolescents, such as grocery shopping multiple times a week, being over 40, and so much more!  

6. Therese Ryan


Sorry boys true though @thatonecal @olly_ryan #talk #sons #family #fyp #boys #mum

♬ Originalton – moritz

Therese is a mom of three and posts comical videos with her husband and role plays how moms and dads react in the same situation. She also does throwbacks to what her mom was like in the ‘80s! And, she does videos on things parents can understand–such as what it will be like when her kids get their own homes and how she talks to her kids when they have an attitude; all of which are sure to make you laugh! 

7. Imperfect Mom

As a mom of four from Utah, @imperfectmom4 genuinely embraces her imperfections as a parent. Almost all of her videos are about being a mom–whether it is children yelling “mom” relentlessly, kids not being able to find their shoes, dropping off the youngest child at school, or what having a teenage son is like. 

8. Chrissy

A California mom to two teenagers, @ctfit enjoys “embarrassing” her teenagers, with videos including her picking up her daughter with a face full of Halloween makeup and the realities of raising a teenage daughter. She also occasionally posts workout videos which may also be of interest! 

  1. Sheryl

Sheryl is a mom of four who posts amusing videos about how her children text her! She has loads of exceptional content including reflecting on how she was a teen in the ‘80s, and funny videos of her kids–whether it is them driving for the first time or doing an ‘80s terminology test

10. David Abed

Although David is not a parent himself, he is an actor and writer who does the best impressions of his mom, which is how many moms actually act. Some of his most popular videos are him imitating a mom punishing a gen Z child, a recent empty nester, and moms leaving the house. His content is hilarious enough to binge-watch!

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