I’m Giddy My Teen Is Wearing ’80s Fashions: 6 Hot Trends

My daughter came downstairs the other morning wearing socks over her pants. It brought me back to 1985 when my friends and I would rock that look. Strolling through the clothing store with her these days is an absolute joy. Not only have we reached a point when we can share clothes, and our combined wardrobe is larger than I care to admit, every time we venture out something reminiscent of the good ol’ ’80s makes its way home with us. I love it and more than that, I love that my daughter digs the clothes I used to find totally tubular.

Six Trends from 80s Fashion That are Popular Now



I can’t pull this look off these days, believe me I’ve tried, but I do remember back in the days of 1984 when I’d tie by bandana just so around my forehead. I loved how they looked underneath my canopy of hair sprayed bangs and kept my side feathers nice and full looking.


floral designs on clothes

Floral prints were huge in the ’80s– I had a sweatshirt, and several pairs of jeans with flowers plastered all over them. There were backpacks, sneakers, floral Laura Ashley dresses. I’ve always loved a nice floral print, and it’s back in a big way and I’m ready, Baby. Bring on the floral denim. I’ll take a floral ball caps, too. And who remembers those floral print shorts also known as Jams? I wore those puppies every day in the summer of ’86.

Socks Over Pants

socks over pants

Who knew this would ever become a thing again. According to my kids, news on the street is socks belong over the pants again, it doesn’t matter if they are wearing jeans or leggings, under is over. I must say, teens these days don’t have to peg their jeans in order to get their jeans to fit smoothly underneath the socks so I don’t believe they are getting the full experience, but I guess it’s pretty close.

Stirrup pants

stirrup pants

My daughter spotted a pair of stirrup pants (with a cord running down the middle of the leg) and she asked if she could have them. They were like $15, but honestly, I would have paid $100. I ripped them out of her hands as she showed them to me. Low and behold they were exactly like the pair I used to wear in Junior High school.

They got me through my first 7th grade dance. I wore them on the first day of school. They were perfect under tight skirts, and looked amazing with over-sized shaker sweaters and my jelly bracelets collection I’m not sure if she loves her as much as I loved mine, but it doesn’t matter. Seeing her wear these (with her headband) prompted me to blast the Go-Go’s for three days straight which was a prize for the whole family.

High- Waisted Jeans

high waist jeans

The higher and tighter on the bum the better. My Jordache jeans were slamming with my florescent comb sticking out of my back pocket paired with my Tretorns. It wasn’t that long ago my daughter liked the lower cut jeans, but now it’s all about the high-waist.

I love them because let’s be honest, no one likes a one inch zipper. Also, high-waisted denim acts as a girdle so I’ll take 5 pairs, please. No more love handles pouring over the side of my jeans, no more crack showing when I sit down or bend over to search for something in the Tupperware cupboard. Teens today have taken mom jeans and made them great again. I’ve never been so thankful to see a fashion trend come around and save so many of us.

Body Suits

body suit

If I didn’t seem them with my own eyes and all their snapped-crotch glory, I wouldn’t believe the uncomfortable body suit was back in style. I was able to wear these in high school and college, but after giving birth to kids I have no desire to be tortured in this way. Who wants to walk around in something that has metal this close to your privates all day? Well, apparently some people do because these babies are back. I mean, it is nice not to have to tuck in a shirt all the damn day, but please, the body suit has just taken things too far. I wonder how long it will stay this time around.

So, you can relive the good old days of yesteryear with these 80s fashion trends and rock the floral high-waisted jeans and slip those big, comfy socks right over them. I think I’m going to take a hard pass on the bodysuits though– that’s one trend that worked for my pre- child lady parts (just barely), but I can guarantee they wouldn’t appreciate it now.

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