10 Ways to Thrive as an Introvert in College

Entering college as an introvert can be scary. You may be asking yourself the following questions:

How will I make friends?

Will I ever find alone time living in the dorms?

Will I dislike college because I am constantly surrounded by other students and have to socialize all the time?

As a fellow introvert, I am here to tell you that everything will be okay, and college will be one of the most fun times in your life and below are some ways to ease your transition.

Introverts may worry about making friends in college. (Twenty 20 @premiersportssd)

10 tips for thriving as an introvert in college

1. Schedule alone time

Although socializing is an integral part of creating healthy friendships, being surrounded by other students all the time can be exhausting for an introvert. Try to plan some down time each day when you can be alone — whether it’s chilling in the dorm while your roommate is in class or relaxing in a corner of the library, try to find at least an hour a day to spend time by yourself. 

2. Join a club or get a part-time job

Making friends as an introvert can be difficult, so join an activity to get yourself out there. This will help get you out of your comfort zone, make friends, and keep you busy. Try to find a club or activity that matches your interests, and you will likely make friends similar to you. 

3. Spend time at the library

The library is quiet, and no one will talk to you, so you can spend time alone studying or doing homework. The library was always my go-to place if I needed to get work done alone. 

4. Consider taking hybrid-style classes

Hybrid classes are typically half online, and half in person and have become much more common after the pandemic. Taking hybrid courses will give you a healthy balance of alone time and allow you to interact with and meet other students. 

5. Set boundaries

Don’t feel like you have to hang out with people all the time. If you need alone time or feel worn out from spending too much time with other people, don’t be afraid to say “no” to hanging out with people. It’s important to be comfortable setting boundaries and knowing your limits when you feel too tired to hang out with others. 

6. Bring headphones everywhere

If you are beginning to feel drained and are not in the mood to socialize, just put on your headphones. This can be especially useful when walking to/from class, eating alone, or getting work done at the student union. 

7. Find other introverted friends

Seek out friends who prefer one-on-one versus big group settings or like more low-key plans rather than large parties. Although it may not always feel like it, there are tons of introverts in college, and you will find your people.

Some ways to find other introverted friends are through classes, study sessions, or even during office hours. However, try to find a few extroverted friends because they can introduce you to new people and activities. 

8. Find places on campus where you feel comfortable

During the first few weeks of the semester, try studying or doing homework in different spots on campus and figure out where you feel most at peace. This could be an outdoor bench, a quiet area of the student union, a study room, or the library. 

9. Don’t worry about what others are doing

As an introvert, it can be easy to get FOMO when you see others in college out partying or always hanging out with large groups of friends. Focus on yourself and your happiness rather than on what others are doing. Remember that having a movie night with a few close friends can often be much more fun and fulfilling than a giant frat party. 

10. Attend campus events or sporting events, but know your limit

Attending campus events can be a little overwhelming as an introvert, but this is one of the best ways to make friends! Maybe only plan to go for a couple of hours and make sure you know your limit and if you begin feeling drained, feel free to head home and get some alone time! Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with being an introvert.

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