Trey Kennedy Understands Every Mom On Lockdown

We need all the levity we can get right now. Enter Trey Kennedy with “Every mom in America right now.” He must have bugged all our homes because once again he is as spot on as spot on gets.

The video opens with “mom” hearing what sounds like the voice of God announcing, “All schools closed until further notice.” As junior gleefully returns home, mom recklessly douses him with disinfectant, urging him to close his eyes.

Mom then sits junior down to show him the list of extra chores that she has created, including the ever-important task of cleaning the baseboards. Junior responds in typical teen fashion, with dramatic distress, after all he doesn’t even know what a baseboard is.

Then mom turns her attention to academics; mom “encourages” junior to work on his multiplication table to which junior responds that he already knows them. Of course when given a particular equation, he gets the answer WRONG. Later on junior is supposedly distance learning with his open computer, but he is actually playing on his phone which is hidden strategically behind the computer.

Mom proceeds to be classic annoying mom, waking junior up because “We are not just going to sleep all day.” And, this is obviously a great time to clean out the closets, and to berate your kid for not wearing their nicer clothes.

Mean mom asks junior if he wants some brownies and when he junior enthusiastically replies yes, mom suggest that he bake them himself.

Okay we get it-this is going to be a long quarantine as we see mom dragging the whole drink cart away with her. Where to? We’re not sure.

Keep the videos coming Trey, you know exactly what’s going on in our houses and we desperately need the laughs.

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